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2017-01-14 Electronics - Petrol Pumps stations with Basement.:

In the USA and other countries, I suppose, fuel tanks cannot be stationed on ground level or on the same level as human activity is taking place. This for safety reasons. Thus the tanks must be below the

2017-01-13 Electronics - Petrol Pumps stations with Basement.:

Not sure what you mean about "basement".  Are you thinking about underground parking garage of a building? Or are you thinking about lower floor of apartment building?     In big cities where I have parked

2017-01-13 Electronics - Resistor value.:

1.  It has been a long tradition to do the color bands.  Technicians, engineers and circuit designers are so accustomed to the color bands they can read them instantly from experience. Early days printing

2017-01-11 Electronics - power plants:

Technically it can be stored by conversion to DC energy and then stored in power cells. This is what is often done with solar energy.  But, in main, gigantic generators it is not feasible to store in DC

2017-01-11 Electronics - Breadboard design layout.:

There are various kinds of breadboards. Some are designed for a specific set of connectors. Others are for custom design by the development engineers wherein they make available the fittings for the previously


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