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2016-10-06 Electronics - meaning of the term "amps" in electricity:

I understand your question clearly.    You are confused about voltage.  You are referring to it as a electrical power term. It is not!    Voltage is a potential level, not a power level. (Think of voltage

2016-09-26 Electronics - Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

No care is needed.  When electricity is lost the motor turns off.  That's all.  The motor design and starting/stopping characteristics of the single phase motor is designed for long-term simple on and

2016-09-25 Electronics - Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

There is no need for protection circuits with major household appliances nor with kitchen appliances.  They will merely start up again when power is restored.  A washing machine will automatically shut

2016-09-15 Electronics - Smartphones interfacing with portable book binding machines.:

I see little connection between the two technologies .    Thus no advantage that I can relate to.     If you are thinking about running the software for the bookbinder and having the smartphone as the

2016-09-05 Electronics - Installation of Intercoms in long distance express trains.:

Yes. For example their are communication systems on the ShinKanSen bullet trains in Japan.  They are more of annunciation that open two way intercom.  They allow officials to make announcements and promptings


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