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2017-02-13 Electronics - Electrical devices support for Dual input voltages.:

It's a "yes" for very low power devices. For example, many power supplies for laptop computers already have universal power supplies.    It's a "no" for devices that use bigger power and especially those

2017-02-12 Electronics - Mathematical constants with units.:

I am not a strong enough expert in this area to give you a precise answer.    Have you googled for it?  Lots of information online for these kinds of things.    My opinion:  There are many, many constant

2017-02-05 Electronics - Wallpaper fixing in commercial aircrafts.:

I am not an expert in this area.     I can say from commercial flights I have taken over the years the passenger cabins have decorative surfaces that appear to be hard surfaces such as metal like aluminum

2017-02-01 Electronics - Help for Project:

I would replace the k1 relay with a double pole 3 position relay and use the extra contacts to operate the motor.  I haven't exactly decided the best relay and how to wire it but the motor should be on

2017-01-31 Electronics - Seats location in Commercial airlines.:

Sorry, but I am not an expert in this category and I have no worthwhile opinion.  But my guess is that the airline can configure the seating arrangement for the better of passenger safety and comfort while


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