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2017-03-21 Electronics - Piezoelectric Gas lighters.:

Yes, if it is worth fixing. Often the repair is more of an investment in time and cost of parts than the unit it worth.    If you do

2017-03-21 Electronics - Luminous intensity of Chandelier.:    The above link will introduce you to light flux concept which gives way to measuring the total luminosity or brightness from

2017-03-18 Electronics - Equilibrium.:

Equilibrium is not a scientific term, I think. Rather, it is just a word to describe when an object is at a state of rest or that all the forces on it are adding up to zero which allows the object to stay

2017-03-17 Electronics - Compass app for Smartphone devices.:

yes, the sensors to some extent will effect accuracy but so will user settings and the computing software used along with the microprocessor employed.  Satellite reception and location of the user has

2017-03-04 Electronics - Loudspeakers Geometrical Shapes.:

There is no virtue from a technical point of view in such shapes you suggest. It is more of a cosmetic or furniture appearance that would give rise to such designs.    You need to give me a more clear


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