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2017-02-14 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Money Questions:

Hi. To confirm I understand your question, you have access to US dollars and are wondering if a bank will give you a loan using these US dollars as security? To clarify, are the US dollars in a local US

2017-02-07 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Selling Price:

Hi. What you need to do in an instance such as this is calculate your average cost. For example, if you purchased 100 shares at $8, 50 shares at $10 and 25 shares at $12, your average cost of the shares

2017-01-29 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Becoming a personal finance counselor, coach,& educator:

Hello Eric,    I confess that I did not recognize these credentialing organizations.  I researched them just a little.       • (NFEC) National Financial Educators Council offers something called the “Certified

2017-01-29 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Type of Planner Needed:

Hello Jean,    My first suggestion is to go to the NAPFA web site (National Association of Personal Financial Advisers) and put in your zip code.  I just did it for 53202 (central Milwaukee) and came up

2017-01-27 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Entrusting Investment company with personal information:

Hi. Thank you for reaching out with your question!    First off, I am happy to hear that you recognize the underlying motivation of the professionals providing the free dinner and offering to provide "free"


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