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2016-11-22 Financial Stocks - vnrap:

Thanks for your question!    Unfortunately my research firm does not cover vnrap, but we do cover vnr. So any information I give here will relate to the vnr listing.    We do have negative price targets

2016-11-18 Microsoft Internet Explorer - default language fonts:

Hi Sara,    I apologize for taking so much time to reply back to you. Regarding your issue, if you dont like the default font on your windows 10 computer, please follow the following steps to change it:

2016-11-07 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Financial Planning:

Hi Esther,    The first thing to do, if you have not done this already, is to make a careful budget so you have a good feel for your cash flow requirements.  I understand that health care expenses can

2016-10-05 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Protecting Money for College:

Hi Liz,    The easiest way in my opinion would be to open a 529 Plan for each of your intended nieces / nephews.  You need an account for each beneficiary. But if one of them does not use the money that

2016-09-14 Microsoft Internet Explorer - windows 10 update, now can't load exe files:

Hi Sara,    I apologise for taking so much time to reply back to you.    Regarding your issue, please download and Run Microsoft troubleshooter from the below link.


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