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2016-12-19 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Investment Sales:

Hi. If I understand your question properly, you are wondering where the brokerage company gets the money  that is paid to an investor who sells the investment? In some ways, it depends on the type of transaction

2016-12-17 Microsoft Internet Explorer - IE is deleting history on its own?:

Hi Jenny,    Regarding your query, please note that Internet Explorer cannot be installed on Android phone. It me be a preinstalled browser of the phone or the one downloaded from the Andriod playstore

2016-12-12 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Ssdi:

Merry Christmas to you Joyce!    Unfortunately the increase in the COLA this year won't buy a lot of turkey for the table.    A .3 percent increase means three tenths of one percent, i.e. .003.  Not much

2016-12-01 Microsoft Internet Explorer - WD EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE:

Hi Kenny,    In order to assist you, please provide me the following error message.     1. Model details of the Western Digital drive you are using    2. Are you using windows xp 32 bit of 64 bit?    3

2016-11-22 Financial Stocks - vnrap:

Thanks for your question!    Unfortunately my research firm does not cover vnrap, but we do cover vnr. So any information I give here will relate to the vnr listing.    We do have negative price targets


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