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2016-10-23 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Copper 1995 quarter:

Hi Christina,    Thank you for the pictures.    It appears to me that what you have is known as a "missing clad layer" mint error.    When the mint makes the blanks for the quarters, they take a long rolled-out

2016-10-21 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Foreign coin:

Hello Crystal,    In my opinion this is a replica coin. The patina appears to be too shiny and it has no salt water effect. Typically these coins would have a pitted surface not a smooth and shiny surface

2016-10-20 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - About a 1943 quarter:

Hello Alberto,    When a coin has this type of writing we call it graffiti - this was done to coins on a regular basis - sometimes just initials or names and sometimes funny sayings.    It hurts the value

2016-10-19 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Is this an error coin and does it have value:

Hi Crystal,    This would technically be more like a defect than an error.  Over time, the dies used to make the coins wear out, and eventually they crack and pieces break off.  That is what happened here

2016-10-19 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 1972:

Not the best pic. Based on what I see, I'd say it's strike (machine) doubling. Check out the mintmark. In the 70's, mintmarks were placed (punched) into the die surface after the die was made. If the mm


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