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2016-11-27 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Proof coin:

As an error, it would be classified as a struck through (object) error. Debris, grease, dirt, grime, etc., can fill part of the die surface, and prevent the coin from being fully struck. It would be a

2016-11-24 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Coins & notes:

I agree that Irfan down chatham Street has crazy prices. That is well known.  He seems to find ignorant Foreigners with limited time to sell to.  The others are OK but they are not cheap since supply is

2016-11-16 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Morgan Dollar Value Guide:

Hey Ben, the very short answer is that the year, mint mark, condition, and sometimes variety of the coin is very important.  It can take a lifetime to figure out all the varieties, but the first three

2016-11-14 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - Spanish & Eyptian Coin:

Hi again Sarah,  This one looks like a 4 reales Spanish coin dated 1731, presumably struck in silver. Again its surface looks rather porous, but this sometimes may indicate a very aggressive chemical cleaning

2016-11-12 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 1974 possible error coin. How to know its rarity and worth.:

Likely a filled or greased die error, where a foreign substance (dirt, grime, metal filings, lubricant) filled a small portion of the die area, preventing the coin blank from being fully struck. This would


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