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2017-02-21 Decks - design deck pergola:

Hi Pat,          I don't really use anything like that personally, but I understand what you mean.   I would call a few different home centers or lumber places in your area. Often, these places will offer

2017-02-21 Home Improvement--General - Bathroom ceiling requirements:

Thank you so much, Thomas, for taking the time to reply! I'm relieved to know that the 12" height difference in the floor is to alleviate the serious problem of a sunken tub (will never understand why

2017-02-19 Roofing - roof insulation:

Thomas,    I think you are ventilating your insulation layer if I understand correctly, which would nullify it.  You would need to place your batten system on top of the insulation to vent the underside

2017-02-17 Home Improvement--General - Bathroom ceiling requirements:

Hello, Thomas.    Unfortunately, I had to make an educated guess about your situation because I don't have all the dimensions I need, i.e.: How deep (or tall) is your tub, and how wide front to back? I

2017-02-17 Building Homes or Extensions - Live Load for Room to Be Used as a Library:

Hello.    Your question is very interesting, because I'm working on a project where we have to get permits to convert an attic used for storage that my clients want to use as a living space. The building


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