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2016-10-18 Home Improvement--General - Stainless-Steel Sink Surface Damage?:

Hi Alex,  This is really out of my area of expertise.  However, I have used a product called "Barkeepers Friend" that works miracles on stainless steel sinks.  It's not expensive and, in my opinion, worth

2016-10-17 Building Homes or Extensions - Sole plate:

Hi again Tom, depending on how the sole plate is attached could pose a minor problem.  You have a couple options.  If the sole plate is attached to anchor bolts in the slab or stem wall you can slip a

2016-10-08 Building Homes or Extensions - Exterior garage wall:

Hi Tom, it depends a lot on your siding.  Most subsheathing is plywood and breaks on the studs every four feet.  Yes you can sister alongside with a new stud but you may need to (after the new studs are

2016-10-05 Home Improvement--General - Rebar post removal:

Hi Ed,  Can you just pound them into the ground?  That would essentially be the same as cutting them off.    If you can't I don't know of any blade system that mounts on a drill.  I would suggest buying

2016-10-05 Swimming Pool & Spa Construction - Improper Depth of Pool by Contractor:

Hi,  The rebar is  a big CONCERN even if gravel is below. Once you cut rebar the strength is zero. I would suggest from what you have written, is call structural engineer and get the pool done according


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