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2017-03-24 Roofing - Tile roof repair - lead risers:

Good evening Pablo,    That is a lot of info to chew on, pardon the pun.    I would like to help with this but, i feel i need to see the pictures of the problem you are describing.    Please send the photos

2017-03-17 Building Homes or Extensions - t1-11 siding:

Hello there. Yes sealing the siding is a good idea. Any water or oil based sealant will work. I prefer water based for interiors. 2 coats will do the job. Chances are that the siding has pretty much off

2017-03-03 Home Improvement--General - converting stairs from carpet to wood:

Hi Charles,  I can't tell for sure from the pictures but do the stairs extend into the wall on either side?  It doesn't look like it and it would be a bit unusual but I just want to make sure.    Assuming

2017-02-27 Building Homes or Extensions - Tuck under garage:

Hi Tiffany, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.  I have company visiting.   Anyhow, not sure what you mean by " tuck under garage" but it sounds like you want the garage to take up the basement

2017-02-25 Building Homes or Extensions - solar air Heating pros and cons:

Louisa,     This is a vast subject that does not lend itself to short answers. It sounds as if you already own a home and want to upgrade or add to what you have. One of the first decisions has to be whether


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