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2016-12-05 Building Homes or Extensions - Looking for an advisor:

Hi Jeff- I do what you are talking about and have been a Construction Consultant For 12 years. I have 30+ years of experience in the design and build field. As well I like to help people succeed...  Mostly

2016-12-04 Home Improvement--General - basement stove:

Hi Richard, absolutely not!!  Building codes require fire stops between multiple levels in a building to prevent fire spread.  Fire stops are materials that impede fire spread that have a rated burn through

2016-11-28 Home Improvement--General - Sap-like stuff coming from ceiling:

Chad,    My first guess is there is a small leak in the roof and what you're seeing is dirty water.    Check the area above the ceiling. If it's wet, the water is coming from somewhere.     Fix the roof

2016-11-18 Decks - Deck:

Hi Ronn,    In much the same way that a good parent sometimes has to tell there children no to something they really want, I feel strongly that any good contractor would try to dissuade you from going

2016-11-15 Roofing - Roofing question...:

The more vents the better. The idea is to have input vents at the bottom. As the air heats up it rises and goes out the top pulling more cool air from the bottom. It does not hurt to add any vents anywhere


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