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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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2017-04-23 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Just a THANK YOU!:

Hi Again, Melanie,  Thanks for your kind comments. Glad I could help! Remember that the final arbiter for all such questions is your health care provider, who can fully examine the area and decide what

2017-04-23 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Follow-up + Thank You!:

Hello Again, Melanie,   The vulva can be described as having 3 distinct rings of tissue and their constituent parts-- the outer, middle, and inner rings. Certain characteristic glandular openings, cell

2017-04-22 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Trail Bumps On Labia Minora + Discomfort:

Hello Melanie,   Although I'm pleased you saw an expert-- the gynecologist-- but why in the heck did they prescribe the  antibiotic clindamycin without knowing exactly what was being treated? Perhaps the

2017-04-22 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Genital warts or HPV:

Hello Shyanna,  The "bumpy" texture you observe looks very much like normal hymenal remnants that have no pathologic significance.  Keep doing regular Pap tests and urine testing, and I would also throw

2017-04-20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - HPV? Bump on penis head:

Hello Sam,  Perhaps you should consider why you're so uptight about bumps and spots on your penis, especially since you've consulted physicians about these with only cosmetic irregularities identified


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