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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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2016-12-02 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Rash:

Hello Matt,  No rash is "normal," however rashes such as what you describe are NOT usually related to STDs. Do you have a foreskin? Lots of friction during athletic activities? Use lubrication on the affected

2016-12-02 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - little bumps on glans.:

Hello Jaymz,  Looks like your penis is uncircumcised. Excessive friction (without adequate lube, especially during "rough" sex) may rub off some of the top layers of skin cells, and the reddish bumps may

2016-12-01 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - concerned about my lady parts - HPV?:

Hello Ash,  The images are NOT related to HPV/warts, herpes, or any other STD, including the blood borne ones. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas, syphilis and bacterial vaginosis usually do NOT cause this

2016-11-26 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Do i have genital warts or an std?:

Hello Yanet,  Although the photos are a little unfocused, the vulva and introitus both look fine. I am unable to see any evidence of warts, and the "bumpy" texture is perfectly normal.  If you are sexually

2016-11-25 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STD ? Balantitis:

Hello Chris,  Uncircumcised penises have UNKERATINIZED epithelial skin on the underside of the foreskin and on the glans (head), which makes the skin more susceptible to injury from friction (during sex


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