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2017-03-28 Antique Clocks - age of movement:

Hermle only made wind-up movements until the early 90's.  I do not think that they made the quartz movements either.  I was probably made in China and the Hermle name was stamped on the movement.  I think

2017-03-28 Clocks, Watches - Grandmother clocks:

originally a Hermle German movement 451-050H 94cm      you must either build the wood from scratch around

2017-03-27 Antique Clocks - Seth Thomas 8 day 1977 clock:

I assume "by holding the time" means the hands cease to move when the chime on/off lever is in the silent position. It sounds like the chime/silent lever is interfering with the travel of the chime trip

2017-03-22 Antique Clocks - 1901 Isaac Pheils world time clock:

What you have is a very rare clock, I am sure. I could also find no information on it. I even checked a book of manufacturers that existed before 1900 and found nothing. Something like this would have

2017-03-19 Antique Clocks - Waterbury clock:

I was unable to find a Waterbury like this but it probably is. Clock companies copied designs from each other. The picture I am sending is of an Ansonia called Monarch. Your glass should be decorated.


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