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2017-02-19 Clocks, Watches - Pallesgaard Grandmother clock:

Hi, Neilsen. To answer the question on the threading of the weight chain, the outside weight chains thread in this way:  GENERALLY, there is weight hook or eye on one end of the chain and a solid tab on

2017-02-18 Clocks, Watches - New mechanism:

Hi, Thomas.  First, I want to make sure that by "grandfather clock" to which you refer is floor clock with a pendulum.  Some people refer to older clocks or certain types as grandfather clocks.  If yours

2017-02-16 Antique Clocks - Seth Thomas movement - pendulum length:

probably from a ST regulator wall clock  8 day clock -    this might  be the pendulum  or at least it would look like it    you can slot a

2017-02-15 Clocks, Watches - cuckoo clocks:

Kevin, I have seen 30-hour cuckoos converted to 8-day.  There are many variations in the models that could make it a little difficult.  If it is a simple cuckoo, meaning without a music box or any animation

2017-02-11 Clocks, Watches - audubon bird clock part:

Hi Randy,   Is the battery terminal part of the movement or the chime? You can attach photos if need be.   If it's the movement you might be able to use this one as a replacement:


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