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2016-11-08 Collectibles--General (Modern) - Thimble:

Hi Owen,  Thank you for your question.  In my opinion, the thimble is not valuable.  I would say that if you look at porcelain thimbles on eBay you will find many that look like this thimble and the prices

2016-11-02 Collectibles--General (Modern) - Armstrong Glass Insulator:

I would assume your Armstrong No. 3 insulator is in clear glass.  The Armstrong cork company bought out the Whitall Tatum glass company in the 1940s and made insulators through the 1950s.  We identify

2016-10-18 Collectibles--General (Modern) - nicholas gish:

Hi Kim,  Thank you for your question.  I believe the carousel thimbles were made in the 1980s and 1990s.  It is hard to determine the value of an item but much depends on supply and demand.  You may be

2016-09-18 Collectibles--General (Modern) - Hemingray:

Thanks for your question.  We identify your Hemingray No. 12 as a CD 113.  It is a telephone insulator and is an exchange style which supports two wire grooves. These were made by Hemingray glass (based


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