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2016-09-18 Collectibles--General (Modern) - Hemingray:

Thanks for your question.  We identify your Hemingray No. 12 as a CD 113.  It is a telephone insulator and is an exchange style which supports two wire grooves. These were made by Hemingray glass (based

2016-09-05 Collectibles--General (Modern) - OLD GOLD SEWING THIMBLE:

Hello Tim,  Thank you for your question.  The thimble is gold filled as the double anchors tell us that.  The L1 above the double anchors is actually the size which is 11.  The thimble was made by Goldsmith

2016-07-17 Collectibles--General (Modern) - Thimbles from the thimble collectors club:

Hello Dale,  Thank you for your question.  You are indeed correct.  The thimbles were around $20.00 when they first came on the market.  If you go to eBay and look at what they are selling for now, the


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