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2016-12-30 Gaming - game FPS not as expected:

I would need more information about how you're measuring frame-rate, and what games you're talking about to provide a more directed response.     That having been said, your CPU is likely part of the "problem"

2016-11-11 Gaming - PC Optimization:

Can you elaborate on what you mean by "dipping a significant amount of frames"? Do you mean the frame-rate is lower than you'd like? What kind of FPS target are you looking for, and what are you realizing?

2016-11-02 Gaming - Digital download games:

Generally not, due to the file structures that most digital download services (e.g. Steam, Origin) implement. Downloads from GOG, however, can be moved around like this without trouble (the installers

2016-10-25 Gaming - Gaming PC help?:

First I'd like to explain that AllExperts is one-to-one, not a forum, so you're only going to get an answer from the expert you've asked (in this case, me), as opposed to "anybody" or "someone" etc. No


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