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2016-08-16 Gaming - Gaming Headset Speeds:

I'd be interested to see where you're getting this specification from, or otherwise where the value of 16ms is coming from. With wireless audio systems, there may be a very slight delay between the signal

2016-07-17 Gaming - General:

Case airflow and cooling design can get fairly complicated if you let it - generally speaking I find its easiest to just follow Intel's original ATX design guidelines, with a lower-mounted front intake

2016-07-15 Gaming - Graphics:

I can certainly address all of your questions here; I'll use bullet points if you don't mind.    - You're absolutely right that Skylake (or the upcoming Kaby Lake) isn't really worth the money if you've

2016-06-29 Gaming - Graphic Cards:

Getting a recommendation for nVidia is not surprising, regardless of whether or not their offering is the "better" of the available candidates. nVidia is simply more popular, and has better marketing than


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