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2016-10-06 Greek - Doric Greek Translation For Spartan:

Hi Gabe,    Λακεδαιμόνιος is a standard word for Spartan. The word Σπαρτιάτης (Spartan)

2016-09-06 Greek - How to write "never give up" in doric greek:

Hello Rene,    the text is in:     UPPERCASE (original): ΜΗΠΟΘΥΠΕΙΚΕ  lowercase (Alexandrine): μήποθ΄ ὕπε

2016-08-28 Greek - Hello! I would like to konw about:

Hello,    it is so: “one who lies with a male” refers to "a male who lies  with a male", i.e.  “a sodomite”, “a homosexual man”, just as I've already written.    The ancient Greek  masculine nouns "ἀ


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