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2017-01-06 Greek - Biblical question:

Hello Ivy,    your point becomes clearer to me now. The "veil" idea is, of course, a cultural element because having your head covered those times must have implied directly - and in that context - the

2017-01-05 Greek - verbs turned to nouns:

Hello Ivy,    your example is actually not representative of the word formation you describe. It is "covering" that comes from "cover" and not vice-versa. Examples of the so-called denominal and deadjectival

2017-01-02 Greek - Alchemy:

Hi Jim,  thank you for your question. For this you need a specialist in palaeography, which I am unfortunately not. It looks like it describes the parts of a mechanism, but these might also be invented

2016-12-04 Greek - Translate a phrase into Doric Greek:

Hello,    “Until my last breath, I will Defend” translates as follows into Ancient Greek:    Mέχρι  τελευταίου  βίου

2016-11-28 Greek - Translation of "Summa Contra Gentiles":

Hello,    the Greek scholar who translated Saint Thomas Aquinas work  “Summa contra Gentiles”(Tractate against the Pagans) and part of the "Summa Theologiae “ (Compendium of Theology) into Greek was Demetrius


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