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2017-04-05 Running a Restaurant - Restaurant Operations Help:

Hi Mike,    I do understand your frustration. We get a great number of inquiries like yours, especially from remote owners but also from owners that are actively managing their own bars and restaurants

2017-04-03 Running a Restaurant - Laws and Regulations for restaurent:

Mr Saket Kothari,  The principal license you need    1. Shop & Establishment license.  2. Local Municipal License  3. FSSAI  4. Fire Safety NOC    All these are premise based    Shop and establishment

2017-04-02 Running a Restaurant - OPENING A NEW RESTAURANT:

Hi,    Taking a franchise or not is a mindset.  Franchise in India is undeveloped. Your assumption that they have standardization  and thorough in their jobs is misplaced. Not all franchise are same. You


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