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2016-11-28 Geology - Is this obsidian? Volcanic rock?:

Hi Christopher,  VERY interesting specimen!  It does look very "obsidian-like" but the location speaks strongly against that.  It would be very unlikely to find obsidian in Michigan.  There are volcanic

2016-11-27 Geography - Lumbering in Canada:

Hi Debjyoti,    Canada has many natural resources.  Among them large and expansive forests.  For Canada, trees are a renewable resource thus the lumber industry is a sustainable business.  It employees

2016-11-25 Geography - US mesas and buttes:

Hi, mesas and buttes are found mainly in arid regions where sudden rain on naked rock erodes the top layers of rock furst forming canyons but eventually leaving these hills. In the USA east there is much

2016-11-22 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - CZ/Gold:

Dear Alexa, the alcohol will not affect the gold or the CZ stones. Denatured alcohol is possibly a stronger sterilizer agent.(Alcohol without the water content of isopropyl: Used to dilute some wood finishes

2016-11-13 Geology - Well log interpretation:

 Yes, the gamma and SP logs can be used to mark lithology.    The gamma ray passively senses radioactivity and a high response is indicative of shale rock.    A low GR response is indicative of Sandstone


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