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2016-10-23 Geology - The Rock:

The rock is a Sandstone, micaceous    This sandstone is often brown in color, the color is caused by the staining of iron oxides similar to that in yellow sandstone and in the red sandstone; depending

2016-10-20 Geology - geology:

Dear Haider,    Thanks for sending me your question.    First of all, I would encourage you for research in Hangu Formation as this section has been proven reservoir in one of a well in Pariwali oilfield

2016-10-18 Geology - metalic- and non-metalic mineral:

Hi Waqar,    In mineralogy one distinguishes between metallic and non-metallic minerals based on the luster of a mineral. Luster is the observed property of light reflectance of the surface of a mineral

2016-10-17 Geology - another Teton rock!:

Hi Eleanor,    Yes, you are absolutely right! You are looking at a granitic rock. The pinkish material with the stair step like breakage (cleavage) is Orthoclase Feldspar (KAlSi3O8). The silvery material

2016-10-14 Geology - What is it?:

Hi Eleanor,  This is a beautiful and intricate specimen. While it is always a bit difficult to come to absolute conclusions from pictures, your mineral growth is most likely Gypsum (CaSO4*2H2O), my first


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