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2017-02-20 Carnivorous Plants - Fungicide for germinating:

Hi Brad,    If you're using dusting sulfur, just sprinkle a very fine amount over your seeds when you sow them.  That will give you about the same coverage as you get with a spray solution which is a suspended

2017-02-20 Carnivorous Plants - long fiber sphagnum moss:

Hi Maire,    It is best to hydrate the moss first, then work the moss with your hands some to get it saturated.  After that begin adding perlite and mixing it until it looks like you have it well incorporated

2017-02-19 Landscaping & Design - West Facing Patio shading options:

Hi Jennifer: Only 6 feet?  If it is an easement (storm water? Sewer? Access?), you shouldn't really be planting anything into it.  I would suggest perhaps a vertical shade or shade sail for instant relief

2017-02-18 Orchids - LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate):

Janet, first let me congratulate you on reviving this plant. Good job.  As for the LECA potting mix, I am not familiar with it.  This must be an acronym.  Need to know the contents of the LECA mix.  Each

2017-02-18 Trees - Scrub Oak tree removal:

You may get some sprouting anyway but I would think the best time for the least sprouting would be early summer say first of June. Right now the roots have stored up the maximum amount of energy to promote


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