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2017-04-20 Carnivorous Plants - N.amazonias Health Declining:

Hi Patrick,    I studied the lower photo for awhile.  It looks like you have some kind of root rot/death going on.  Definitely do the transplant.  You could have some sphagnum that has broken down in the

2017-04-20 Carnivorous Plants - question regarding plant growth:

Hi Larry,    It depends what has been done with the plants recently.  If you have done any division of rhizomes, then yes, cut flowers off.  It will have a weakening effect on a new rhizome division.

2017-04-18 Plant Diseases - Lemon Tree Issue:

Hi Bader,  First I would make the well around your tree larger to the drip line,  Trim off the dead stems and give it a hair cut.  Citrus need about 4 inches of water a week.  Once a week watering would

2017-04-18 Plant Diseases - Coconut Palm Issue:

Hello Bader, I am sorry for my very late reply, but I have been looking into your problem quite a bit.  The problem with diagnosing coconut palms is that they are so very tall that it's hard to see everything

2017-04-16 Carnivorous Plants - Sarracenia:

Hello Clayton,    Your plant does have the looks of a S. rubra, however; there are many hybrids of Sarracenia. If you do not know exactly what stock it came from, you will probably never know what species


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