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2017-03-23 Plant Diseases - Avocado tree dying:

Hi,  The tree is dying from all the rain, they can not sit in water.  The black leaf ends tell you that it is rotting also the bark pealing.  I see some new growth coming and it could mean the tree is

2017-03-22 House Plants - Phalaenopsis with no roots:

Hi Chris,    Orchid aficionados are notorious for getting over involved in technical minutia about their plants with complicated formulas for potting media, fertilizers, supplements and watering routines

2017-03-19 Birding - Birds which cannot fly database.:

There are about 126 bird species that cannot fly. Birds became flightless because in their habitats there were few or no predators, so over evolutionary time, birds simply gave up flying. Yes, they cannot

2017-03-17 House Plants - Re: mini jade plant:

Hi Mary,    The new-growth hormones of Jades, as well as most other plants, concentrates at the growing tip or end on each stem. Constant pinching out of new growth at the tips will sometimes help force

2017-03-17 House Plants - Ponytail Palm:

Hi Elizabeth,    Mealybugs look like tiny bits of white cotton. They spread, but they don't appear to move. They thrive when the plant is under stress from changes in the environment - reduced light, poor


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