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2016-09-23 Irrigation - Hardie TC-12B:

Hey Chris, make sure that you only have one start time at 7 am set on the first start time. Check the second, third, fourth etc. start times and make sure they are set to "off". If you have a second, third

2016-09-23 Carnivorous Plants - Bloodmeal:

No, I wouldn't recommend this because it can burn the roots if you use too much of it.  Besides, we haven't tested it with our plants, so it's not something I can readily recommend.    The primary nutrient

2016-09-22 Carnivorous Plants - Too crowded?:

Your plant looks perfectly fine.  That's how they grow.  They will remain short and compact for the first few years.  When they mature, they will enter a vining stage.  Truncata is the slowest growing

2016-09-22 Carnivorous Plants - N. x Fancy Fish - flowers?:

Sometimes it takes a while for Nepenthes to acclimate to their new home.  Some Nepenthes I've purchased from other growers have taken up to a year to produce a set of new pitchers.  This is especially

2016-09-20 Carnivorous Plants - Zone 6a winterizing:

Hi Rob,    In general, all flytrap handle the same temperatures since they are native to a zone 8 climate.  In zone 6, you will need to take special precautions on all plants, regardless of the variety


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