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2016-11-30 Carnivorous Plants - Bug demon hungry:

Hi Major Scott,    Glad you were able to identify the pest.  The Gnatrol works the same way as mosquito dunks/BTI, but it more concentrated and targeted at Fungus Gnats, so you should be better control

2016-11-29 Carnivorous Plants - Do I need to repot??:

Hi Leonor,    Your plant looks great.  It's fine in the 3 inch pot for now, but I would recommend getting it into a bigger pot at the beginning of February.  5 inch pots seem to be just about right for

2016-11-28 Carnivorous Plants - Pitcher plant is dying?:

Hi Ally,    Yes.  If the leaf is browning, cut the leaf and the pitcher off.  With pitchers wait until the bottom part of the pitcher is brown if it still has bugs in it.  Otherwise, cut them off when

2016-11-28 Plant Diseases - Cocoplum leaves:

Dear Ann, Help is on the way!  When you have something eating your bushes, but you can't find the bug doing the damage, the best option is to spray with a product containing the active ingredient Spinosad

2016-11-28 Carnivorous Plants - Bug demon hungry:

Hi Major Scott,    Thanks for sending the photo.  That puts a different perspective on this.  From your earlier description I thought with the white worms you were talking about fungus gnat larvae which


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