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2017-01-19 House Plants - dolphin plant:

Hi Judy,    It is not unusual for this plant to bloom only once per year. To encourage more flowering, you must keep it very potbound; provide lots of direct indoor sun or indirect outdoor sun; and keep

2017-01-19 House Plants - Diffenbachia Tipping Over But Not Top Heavy:

Hi Melissa,    Thank you for the top rating and nomination. Much appreciated!!    You seem to have followed my instructions very well. If you are rooting the cuttings in water, wait until the roots are

2017-01-17 Carnivorous Plants - Yucca:

Hi Alexander,    Yucca is a natural wetting agent that doesn't change the pH or add nutrients.  It's safe.  Just be sure the peat moss doesn't have any fertilizers or "pH adjusters".  It's always safest

2017-01-16 Ferns - Fern austral gem:

Austral gem is a fantastic houseplant.  It is very durable and attractive. It is a sterile hybrid, so it will not produce spores or be messy. It is also highly dimorphic, which means there are two distinct

2017-01-16 Trees - Cedar tree:

Generally when you transplant a tree the soil around the rootball is also dug up. Then a hole is dug twice the size of the rootball and filled with potting soil. The tree should be water if it does not


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