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2017-03-20 Comic books (Comics) - Forged/Reprint Amazing Fantasy 15?:

Hi, Matt!    I do know of a a few reprints, but they're colored differently - most typically, the cover has a different color, other than the brownish background the original has. See here:    https://www

2017-02-20 Comic books (Comics) - follow up:

Thanks, Danny - I'm glad that it helped!     I do always try to give as much information as possible, even if I can't directly answer the question & I'm happy that it was of use this time out!    Pax,

2016-12-29 Comic books (Comics) - Different cover art:

Hi, Raul - thanks for your question.    What you're looking at is not a cover, but the first page of the comic. You see the indicia at the bottom of that page? At that time, it was always at the bottom


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