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2016-10-01 Comic books (Comics) - Cover Mix-up:

Hello, Steve!    Thanks for your question!    Yes, these types of mistakes do exist. However, they are typically double covers with the same cover, rather than from a different Comic Book. In this particular

2016-09-18 Comic books (Comics) - need some help finding a starting point in some comics:

Hi, Grant -     Thank you for your question!    There is some difficulty in pinning down when the "serious" nature of Batman might have begun. Or, for that matter, what you yourself might consider "serious"

2016-09-18 Comic books (Comics) - I want to know where to start reading some comics:

As a Superman expert, I really can't answer the Batman side of your question. But for Superman comic books, if you really want to get into older comics, I'd suggest you start with the revamp in 1986.

2016-09-18 Comic books (Comics) - help finding a starting point in some comics:

Bit of a broad question to answer.    Comics started getting 'darker' in the 1980s. A turning point was Watchmen by Alan Moore. Try picking up the series you're interested in from the late 1980s and see

2016-08-13 Comic books (Comics) - help with finding a starting point in some comics:

Hey Guy,    Okay, I guess you want to jump forward to the really modern stuff - you need to start with Batman #404 from February 1987, then. It's the start of Batman: Year One, a four-part story by Frank


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