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2016-09-27 Tablet PCs - Tablet Purchase:

ASUS Zen-Book UX305  It's cost is $739 if you choose latest processor selling at Amazon ( I has windows 8.1 and I hope free upgrade of windows 10 still offered)

2016-09-22 Tablet PCs - Tablet Purchase:

I am extremely sorry for  late reply.   Microsoft office works on all tablets and it's preinstalled in Android Tablets too. First I would like to enlist Android Tablets,    ASUS Zenpad 3S 10  Lenovo TAB

2016-09-12 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - WIFI BUILT IN COMPUTER:

You shouldn't have any compatibility issues between either OS. There are different specs between wifi adapters, but it will mainly be signal dB strength and supported wifi bands. Either way, anything you

2016-09-12 Components for Building Computers From - Processor Upgrade:

The Phenom processor would be a reasonable upgrade over the Athlon 64x2, however again depending on what you need the machine to do this may or may not be fully sufficient for your needs (the other significant

2016-09-09 Components for Building Computers From - Processor Upgrade:

Can you provide more information about the machine's current configuration?     Per the Acer Support documentation, it supports Phenom triple and quad core processors up to 95W;


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