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2017-02-24 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - desktop tower:

I'm assuming you're referencing the metal (or metal/plastic) side panel that needs to be removed to get at the internal hardware (e.g. motherboard). Dust/hair/etc should be cleared from the machine "as

2017-02-09 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - Email and crash:

Can you provide more information about:    - The specifics of the computer you have (hardware specs, operating system, etc)? This will be useful for the "should I get a new computer" discussion.    - What

2017-01-17 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - Wifi?:

Sadly many hotels have really poor wifi.   Unfortunately you're pretty limited in your options. You could go to a local stop for whatever your cell carrier is and buy a cellular hotspot device, or if your

2017-01-17 Video Card Problems - Wifi?:

The connectivity issues may not be due to a lack of reception on your laptop's part, but due to the heavy congestion that public wifi networks generally experience. In essence, there's just too many voices

2017-01-17 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - Computer not powering on:

Does it display any error messages before shutting off? Does it complete POST? Or is it shutting down before anything comes on-screen? If it's actually making it through POST, is it getting to the Windows


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