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2016-09-22 Hard Drive Problems - Drives:

No, external hard drives are made with the exact same drives as many computers, so their chance of failure is equal too those internal drives.    Solid State Drives exist that have eliminated the moving

2016-09-14 Microsoft Internet Explorer - windows 10 update, now can't load exe files:

Hi Sara,    I apologise for taking so much time to reply back to you.    Regarding your issue, please download and Run Microsoft troubleshooter from the below link.

2016-09-12 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - WIFI BUILT IN COMPUTER:

You shouldn't have any compatibility issues between either OS. There are different specs between wifi adapters, but it will mainly be signal dB strength and supported wifi bands. Either way, anything you

2016-09-08 Hard Drive Problems - Hard Drive Security:

Hi Shahan!    The only real way to know is to have kept an inventory of what was in the system before and compare it to what is in the system now. Something like Belarc Advisor, CPUz, or CrystalDisk, etc

2016-09-05 PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & - WIFI BUILT IN COMPUTER:

By default, the computer model did not come with Wi-Fi built-in. Unless you or someone previously has installed a Wi-Fi card, your computer does not have Wi-Fi. You can check to see if you have a Wi-Fi


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