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2016-09-21 Sound Cards - Audio:

That would be a global loop-back, and wouldn't create harm, but will capture *all* output audio which may create an "echo" if you play that captured signal back at once. Another option for capturing audio

2016-09-12 Components for Building Computers From - Processor Upgrade:

The Phenom processor would be a reasonable upgrade over the Athlon 64x2, however again depending on what you need the machine to do this may or may not be fully sufficient for your needs (the other significant

2016-09-09 Components for Building Computers From - Processor Upgrade:

Can you provide more information about the machine's current configuration?     Per the Acer Support documentation, it supports Phenom triple and quad core processors up to 95W;

2016-09-04 Video Card Problems - letter for flash drive:

Try "ejecting" the various USB devices from Windows (right click on their icons in Computer and select "Eject"). It may be the case that when reconnected (you'll have to physically remove and re-plug the

2016-08-26 Video Card Problems - safety:

It should not be in a perpetual search mode, however I wouldn't go as far as saying that its internal radio is 100% deactivated/out of the loop. If your goal is something with no radio, I would buy an


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