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Computer Peripherals

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2016-11-15 Graphic Accelerators - Graphics Cards:

I would need more information about your computer to give you a definite answer as to whether or not you can install an add-in graphics card. Do you have a specific model number?    To the question of

2016-10-07 Printers - print test page is printing automatically:

couple possibilities...   1.  the printer sees an issue with your print cartridges and it is automatically calibrating itself to compensate...  2.  your printer main board is having problems and you can

2016-10-04 Printers - Printer for Envelopes:

look... every new printer that I have ever worked with has basically done what you said...  if you are serious about printing envelopes... then   1.  make sure your envelopes are rated for laser...  2

2016-09-29 Video Card Problems - icon safe to reomove hardware:

If the drive was improperly removed (e.g. not "ejected") then Windows may not properly register it as available until it has completed the "repair check" routine. This can happen if the computer is powered

2016-09-21 Sound Cards - Audio:

That would be a global loop-back, and wouldn't create harm, but will capture *all* output audio which may create an "echo" if you play that captured signal back at once. Another option for capturing audio


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