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2017-01-29 Components for Building Computers From - Questioning my choice of mobo:

I'm still with you :)  Before going to the extent of a whole new mobo and processor, we need to look down the RAM path. You may already have but I need to make sure because this has been an issue many

2017-01-17 Video Card Problems - Wifi?:

The connectivity issues may not be due to a lack of reception on your laptop's part, but due to the heavy congestion that public wifi networks generally experience. In essence, there's just too many voices

2017-01-14 Components for Building Computers From - Which gaming PC should I buy:

Before I spend a lot of time going to all the links amd comparing all the machines you listed, which is beyond the scope of a volunteer, with the money you have to spend I would go to

2017-01-08 Sound Cards - DVD Video Sound vs. CD Music sound:

Can you be more elaborate on what is meant by "very poor"? Do you mean things are simply too quiet? Or something else? Can you provide more information about exactly what you're playing back with - like

2017-01-03 Video Card Problems - I have a Minecraft and skyrim question if you can answer:

Before I begin my response, I wanted to apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Also it seems apt to point out: AllExperts is not a forum, or an otherwise public venue - there are no "guys" or


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