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2017-02-24 Construction Law - Defect Repair - DLP Expiry Date:

Dear Martin,      Thank you for your question.    As I do not have the Contract, I can only base my answer on what a FIDIC Contract would say - hope that is good enough:    A1. As long as the Employer

2017-02-24 Construction Law - As-Built Drawings:

Hi Kenji  The answer to your question is in two parts.  For a contractor to perform an obligation under the contract then:  1. The obligation has to be set down in the agreement.  2. There has to be a

2017-02-22 Construction Law - trying to avoid our contractor skipping out on us:

Dear Brenda,     You have done everything to maximise your risk.  Past performance is no guarantee of future success, but you now know that.  Now you need to be really objective and remove all emotion

2017-02-21 Decks - design deck pergola:

Hi Pat,          I don't really use anything like that personally, but I understand what you mean.   I would call a few different home centers or lumber places in your area. Often, these places will offer

2017-02-21 Construction Law - Liquidated Damages at termination:

Dear Sarvsri,    Thanks for your question.     Let me say it clearly that the process that led to the imposition of LD charges against the contractor as described by you appears not to have been transparent


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