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2016-12-01 Construction Law - Design Change - Instruction Required?:

Dear martincymru,    As always the devil is the detail and it depends on the exact wording of your contract.  Many people do not want to put their requests in writing, but prefer to modify things by persuasion

2016-11-27 Construction Law - Interim Payment Certificate:

Dear Dilum,    Thank you for this question.    As I am sure you are aware, the FIDIC contract form requires that the Contractor submits supporting details with his Statement. If the format of the Statement

2016-11-25 Construction Law - Amendment in Performance Security (Write up):

Dear Imran  Thanks for your question.  Yes, you can amend the contract with a supplementary agreement.  Please note that this should be requested by the Contractor from the Engineer with a copy to the

2016-11-24 Construction Law - Condition in the ADB Prescribed "Form" of "Advance Payment Security":

Dear Imran,    Yes! but it is s reasonable condition and all guarantees should have such a clause.  The clause arises out of action by the Libyan government in 1970's, where they made a call on the advance

2016-11-23 Construction Law - Value Engineering:

Dear Fungai,  Thanks for your question which i am not sure fully clear to me but i will respond in general on your 3 questions as follows  Q1:my experience on this is that it normally result in some sort


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