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2016-09-23 Construction Law - Sub- Contractor Insurances:

Dear Sachin  Hello!  If the work has been delayed due to fault of client the all liabilities and claim will be govern by the main contractor. Sub contractor has the right to receive all claims through

2016-09-22 Construction Law - Design Error:

Dear Sir,    While thanking you for your question, I am not very clear what ER stands for? The contract once signed can not be reviewed or its provisions altered without the consent of both parties. This

2016-09-21 Construction Law - EoT Award; Impact Subsequent Milestones:

Dear Martin,    Thank you for this question.    A part of the answer will depend upon the conditions of contract adopted and how the EoT is dealt with. It will also depend upon whether LDs were applicable

2016-09-20 Construction Law - Variations:

Hi Moataz  Your 5 points are valid but you need to consider the following.  The Contractor builds to the drawings and specification not the BOQ.  The quantities in the BoQ in a fixed price lump sum are

2016-09-13 Chimney & Fireplaces - True Heat Fireplace:

Hello Brian, I am not familiar  with that system, but that looks like the Pipe is used not the cap, you must use OEM parts, the Chase Cover can be made by anyone, I would replace the chase cover with a


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