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2017-01-16 Construction Law - Error by the Employer:

Dear Khaled,     If the surveying works are not on the critical path, then any delay in doing them is irrelevant in this instance.      Why should the Contractor deserve any money compensation if the revised

2017-01-16 Construction Law - Preamble & BOQ:

Dear Sheyan,      Thank you for your interesting question.    From the outset, though not a total stranger to, I am not an expert in common law, but indicated principle are working just as fine in the

2017-01-14 Building Homes or Extensions - Lumber question:

David, you don't need a preservative; you can buy in ground treated lumber at almost any building supply store.  just ask the supplier that you want "in ground" rated treated lumber.  If they don't have

2017-01-14 Decks - Lumber question...:

Hi David,      I am not aware of any products that would substantially increase the useful life of treated lumber as it pertains to ground contact.  There are a variety of stains and sealers that offer

2017-01-14 Decks - Lumber question...:

Hello David,          Thanks for the question. I don't actually use the stuff often myself, since most of what I do rarely involves direct burial of any wood. I am not sure what the best stuff would be


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