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2017-03-20 Construction Law - Similar Items:

Dear Khaled,      The simplest example is that Guard Room: if it is not indicated in any Contract Documents, as being required to be included in that respective building, but you have it somewhere else

2017-03-20 Construction Law - Similar Items:

Dear Khaled,      Thank you for coming back.    If that Guard Room has been described in the Works description, e.g. Drawings, Contractor’s Scope of Work, or any other Contract document, respectively,

2017-03-17 Building Homes or Extensions - t1-11 siding:

Hello there. Yes sealing the siding is a good idea. Any water or oil based sealant will work. I prefer water based for interiors. 2 coats will do the job. Chances are that the siding has pretty much off

2017-03-16 Construction Law - Similar Items:

Hello Khaled,        Welcome back, thank you for your new question.    Reading the Contract Clause you sent me, it is my opinion that as long as any item is described in any of the Contract Documents,

2017-03-16 Construction Law - How to Carryout time extension analysis:

Dear Rakesh    Thank for your question again.    If the contract states that all 100 km will be given at once, then the contractor is in-principal entitle for extension to time.    Now  the question is


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