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2017-02-24 Presley, Elvis - VERNON PRESLEY:

Gladys Presley never trusted Colonel and Vernon wanted rid of him in 74-75.  Parker told a young Elvis that he would see to it that he'd always be able to write a cheque for 1 million dollars. That was

2017-02-19 Country Music - NAME OF A SONG:

I am sorry about the delay, health issues.  I researched both US and Au. trucker CB songs and am absolutely unable to find your song. I hope you can have better fortune in the future.    Warmest Regards

2017-02-14 Presley, Elvis - Where is the Mud Room in Graceland?:

Keith,     I've never ever heard of a "MUD ROOM" at or in Graceland.  There is a Mud Island near Memphis where they used to hold live concerts in the 1990s but, there never has been a mention of a "MUD

2017-02-13 Presley, Elvis - Elvis and Bob Joyce:

Hello Diane...thank you very much for your question.  There is no truth to Elvis being Bob Joyce.  Elvis Presley passed away on 08/16/1977.  I'm sorry, I can't give you any information on a Reverand Bob

2017-01-26 Country Music - Can't find this song:

Hi Christy! I'm wondering if you're thinking of Lila McCann. She had two songs that fit your description: "With You" and "Crush." I've posted a link to each video for you below.    Hope this helps!  Beth


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