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2016-09-19 Living on a Budget, Saving - College student budgeting:

Hi Alec,    Thanks for considering me to answer this question. I love the title, How to Enjoy Being a Broke College Student.  I have two pieces of advice that I wish young college students would remember

2016-09-15 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - Payroll Taxes:

Hi Nick    The short answer is yes.  However,  doing so might put you in a situation where you  will owe taxes on your year end 1040 return.      Payroll taxes are a calculation based on annual ESTIMATED

2016-09-14 Collections Law - Never Notified of Ex-Husband's Outstanding Debt:

First of all is the student loans your or his. Federal Student loans as of now there are no limits of statutes and can never be bankrupt. So if they are your student loans you owe them if they are his

2016-09-11 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - How to pay the bill against 3 bills with specific amount I have?:

Hi Luck,     You would not change the way you are entering your payment to the vendor. Instead,   you need a report that will give you the balances owed to the vendor.    Accounting software usually comes

2016-09-07 Creditors and Bankruptcy - File for bankruptcy:

Hi Michelle:  This is a good news, bad news situation.    IRS taxes are sometimes dischargeable in a Chapter 7, but it depends on the circumstances.   What kind of tax, how many years has it been due,


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