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2016-09-30 Cricket - dead ball:

Yes. BEU should repeat all signals from SEU except Out. The scorers may not be looking at SEU.     On the surface it does seem a little unnecessary as the scorers will not have seen anything to record

2016-09-29 Cricket - umpire:

Most cricket pitches are aligned North - South (but ends may be denoted in other ways)    Law 3 says that one umpire shall stand at each end - meaning one umpire at North End and one at South End.    If

2016-09-28 Cricket - Obstruction by Non-striker:

Hi Prince,    In the first event, the striker will be declared out on appeal "Obstructing the field", and he is dismissed when they have crossed, the new batsman will go to the bowler's end and NS will

2016-09-28 Cricket - short running:

Hi Prince,    When batsman hits the ball they take runs and only when ball crosses the boundary, they stop running and then BEU declares boundary ignoring thereby any short runs. Thus boundary is scored

2016-09-28 Cricket - Ball touching to the fielder's equipment:

It depends whether they have been removed accidentally or deliberately (not necessarily with the immediate intention of intercepting the ball).    In the case of the keeper, almost certainly deliberate


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