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2017-03-12 Cricket - Inquiry for registration!!:

Respected Umesh,    Thanks for your query.    The Baroda Cricket Association Junior Academy is closed for few days due to examination. As soon as the exams are over, the Academy will start at full fledged

2017-03-09 Cricket - Fast bowling:

Hi Rafay,      You are unnecessarily worried about your pace. I always emphasise accurate swing bowling rather than pace. If you bowl with good rhythm, i.e. good length and line, there is nothing better

2017-03-09 Cricket - cricketer:

Hi Sachin,      Play cricket  with hard work and constant practice and achieve your goal. Age has nothing to do with anything as long as you are 19 and can play at competitive level. Your success depends

2017-03-05 Cricket - Preparation of cricket pitch:

Respected Aniket,    I am sorry for the delay in replying your question.      Normally pitches are prepared by measuring the strength of the opposition. On many occasions, the local team gets the pitch

2017-03-01 Cricket - State level Umpire Examinations:

Respected N Nithish,    Thanks for your query and your dream of taking up umpiring.    You belong to Tamil Nadu Cricket Association, and you must register your name with the association. You can also send


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