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2016-11-27 Cricket - Informing the mode of delivery:

Dear Prince,    Yes you must pass on the information whenever there is a change in bowling. Batman may not remember who bowled the previous over. You know there is a change and the same bowler is back

2016-11-27 Cricket - Informing the mode of delivery:

Dear Prince,    Thanks for your question. This is one of the breach of rules for a No Ball.    Law 24:1 states ;MODE OF DELIVERY:The Umpire shall ascertain whether the bowler intends to bowl right handed

2016-11-11 Cricket - No ball or dead ball:

Respected Prince,    It is very much clear from Law 42.15 that if the bowler fails in an attempt to run out the Non striker, the umpires shall call and signal Dead ball as soon as possible.    As per Law

2016-11-11 Cricket - Umpiring:

Hi Shiaditya,    It is not like that one must have played cricket to take up umpiring. But one needs lot of hard work with dedication and passion to achieve this tough goal in one’s career. If you have

2016-11-08 Cricket - Become a cricketer:

Dear Darshan,      Becoming cricketer is not a bad idea. But one should take up playing cricket at the young age and should join any nearby club for practice and guidance. You have not mentioned your age


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