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2017-01-10 Cricket - On becoming a Cricket Umpire.:

Respected Ven Catesh,    This is a repeated question and I would give the detailed answer as under, read what is applicable to you.    STEP:1  Career in Umpiring is as tough as becoming cricketer. But

2017-01-10 Cricket - RUN OUT:

If the batsman is out of his ground at any time whilst the ball is live, then he is liable to be Run Out.      (The only exception is when the ball is taken solely by the wicket keeper which could result

2017-01-09 Cricket - cricketer:

Hi Sachin,    It is like Nursery to Graduation , i.e. equivalent to start your cricketing career at the age of 8 and to get recognised for your state team in the BCCI national Juniors tournaments. Going

2017-01-08 Cricket - cricketer:

Dear Sachin,    Its very difficult to become cricketer by joining club for weekend days. Secondly there is no such club which is open on Sunday. To become cricketer, you need to work really hard for all

2017-01-08 Cricket - Two runners.:

Respected Prashant,      As per latest rules of ICC, there is no provision of even a single runner, irrespective of injury to the batsman. This rule has been amended for last two seasons. BCCI playing


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