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2017-03-19 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Females working in men's prisonse:

To answer your question, I have worked with female officers since 1984.  Some of the best I worked with were females, for these reasons; They don't tend to escalate volatile situations, they are not afraid

2017-03-17 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Death Penalty Costs:

Joyce:    As a rule, the media does not fact check any of the cost studies. I do.    There are several studies which conclude that the death penalty costs more when, in fact, the opposite is the reality

2017-02-27 Criminal Law - Gag Hearing:

David,    Short answer is yes.  A Gag 1 hearing is convened to see if a violation occurred.  A Gag 2 hearing is convened to see if your probation should be revoked or modified.  During the period of time

2017-02-25 Criminal Law - Penal code 3454(c):

California Penal Code 3454(c) sets forth the California Court's/Parole Office's ability to re-incarcerate an individual who violates the conditions of their parole or probation. It is commonly referred

2017-02-16 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Query re statute:

Geoffrey,       The statute of limitations in Texas for misdemeanors is two years. For felonies it's 3 years, however, a good number of felonies have extended statute of limitations of 5, 7, and 10 years


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