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2017-01-18 Oral Surgery - Where ?:

Sanjay -  first of all, age is not criterion for surgical abilities.  In fact, many of the best surgeons throughout the world are in their late 60s and some almost 80.  Many young doctors are excellent

2017-01-15 Oral Surgery - Where ?:

Sanjay - first of all, you should be asking your doctor these questions.  He is designing and performing the surgery.  I don't know his plans.  Just like when someone drives their car to a place from where

2017-01-15 Dentistry - bone infection over root canal:

Hi again Charlotte,    It is impossible to tell from an x-ray whether there is a cyst or a regular abscess....that can only be done by a biopsy, which might occur if you have the surgical procedure. Cysts

2017-01-15 Dentistry - bone infection over root canal:

Hi Charlotte,    I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with this tooth. It looks from the x-ray that in one of the roots, the filling was short of the end of the tooth and there may be an abscess formed

2017-01-15 Dentistry - color code in strip of paste:

Hi Kumar and thanks for your question. I think you are confusing 2 issues -   1. The colours of the stripes in the toothpaste itself and  2. The colour of the square or rectangle on the outside of the


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