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2016-09-29 Dentistry - root canal:

Hi Kevin,    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with Dakin's Solution. We use only sodium hypochlorite. I think it is important to disinfect as much as possible in addition to good instrumentation. The only

2016-09-29 Dentistry - root canal "sterilization":

Hi Kevin...yes, sorry for the confusion. Pretty impossible to "sterilize" the inside of a tooth.    Gary Backlund DMD, MSD

2016-09-26 Dentistry - Crown Moulding:

if i understand what you are asking, is it better to have a crown made before or after having braces. the answer is the degree of need of the crown. if it is necessary, then get it done now and then have

2016-09-25 Oral Surgery - Sinus congestion and drainage 16 years!:

Barbara -  There is a simple test to see if the open is still present.  Just a non-pressurizing injection of fluid into the area should define if the opening still exist.  If it does then an oral and maxillofacial

2016-09-25 Oral Surgery - Wisdom Tooth Removal:

Hi Chester,  I'm not sure about the round Machine used. Could be any tool. I need more specification. I assume this procedure was in the lower jaw. I suggest you see another surgeon at university of penn


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