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2016-12-05 Oral Surgery - One month after apicoectomy:

Sarah -  I wish I could be more exact, but without examining you or viewing xrays of the area, it is a little difficult.  With the symptoms you describe there is a possibility that the sinus was inflamed

2016-12-03 Oral Surgery - The Summary.:

sanjay -  What you are asking is so variable.  Everybody interprets pain differently.  Depending on your interpretation of what pain is, it can extend a while.  How long?  I cannot tell you how long.

2016-12-02 Oral Surgery - Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Kency - I am a little uncomfortable telling what to do exactly without a direct examination.  Saying that, the fact that you felt an improvement with warm salt water rinses.  With that result, there is

2016-12-01 Dentistry - Root Canal On Molar:

Hi Hayley,    I can certainly understand your concern. I see patients with these same worries frequently in my practice. What I can tell you is that almost ALL our patients say "that wasn't such a big

2016-12-01 Dentistry - Tooth Extraction:

Hayley - The biggest problem with extraction of teeth is the moving of the teeth next to the extracted tooth and eruption of the teeth from the lower jaw into the space created by the loss of the upper


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