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2016-10-22 Oral Surgery - Biopsy of scar tissue or leukoplakia?:

Erik -  if the dentist are not sure what is going on and you are not comfortable with what is there, having a biopsy is a simple, mostly painless examination.  Get yourself peace of mind and get the biopsy

2016-10-22 Dentistry - teeth extraction:

Mario - with any extraction of a tooth, bacteria can enter the blood stream and that can irritate a weakened organ of the body.  So a contained sterile room for the extraction is important.  In addition

2016-10-22 Oral Surgery - Lesion on lip:

Scotty -  Let me ask you if the pimple looked like a tiny blister?  What you are describing and the location seems to indicate that you suffered from a blockage of a small duct that brings lubricating

2016-10-22 Dentistry - Lip Lesion:

For some reason I did not get your picture. You could be getting a cold sore. They start out as bumps and then become cristy. I tell anyone to keep eye on these. They should fade away in7-10 days. If still

2016-10-18 Oral Surgery - Biopsy of scar tissue or leukoplakia?:

Erik- there is nothing wrong with having that test.  One thing from your description does not include a hairy appearance just a sensation.  A hairy sensation without a hairy appearance does not sound like


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