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2017-01-22 Dealing with Depression - Depression:

Hello Erica; From where I stand it sure looks like depression, and if left unresolved, will get worse as time drags by. I suggest you seek out a local counselor. Counseling is private, will not show in

2017-01-18 Dealing with Depression - Meds:

Hi James,    Anti-depressants are best prescribed by Psychiatrists.  Psychiatrists have more education in pharmaceuticals and brain studies than regular MDs.  A psychiatrist will access the patient, decide

2017-01-06 Dealing with Depression - worried...:

Dear Anton,       I would like to mention a few things about quick change of themes or topics.       It appears to be a matter of habit. And like any other habit, the habit of staying on track with a particular

2017-01-04 Dealing with Depression - worried...:

Dear Anton,     I hope you are able to get prescriptions from the new psychiatrist. You should continue Sertraline at the current dose for some months, as we discussed in the previous messages.       About

2016-12-06 Dealing with Depression - worried...:

Dear Anton,       Yes, you can certainly try shifting back to 100mg per day, if it is difficult to get medicines. You may experience some discomfort, but with additional effect of Klonopin and Oxcarbazepine


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