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2017-02-20 Dealing with Depression - worried...:

Dear Anton,       You might be thinking about this more than necessary. If you constantly worry about this issue, without actually taking steps towards a healthier life, then you might stress yourself

2017-01-25 Dealing with Depression - Fit of anger:

Hi Ranveer,    I am sorry to hear about your anger - those feelings are difficult to have.  You are thinking about them and then it triggers an angry outburst or look on your face that others can tell

2017-01-23 Dealing with Depression - worried...:

Dear Anton,     1) You may need to check if you are getting overly anxious about your son's situation. All the worst things you have imagined may never happen! Besides, your son may never learn about human

2017-01-22 Dealing with Depression - Depression:

Hello Erica; From where I stand it sure looks like depression, and if left unresolved, will get worse as time drags by. I suggest you seek out a local counselor. Counseling is private, will not show in

2017-01-18 Dealing with Depression - Meds:

Hi James,    Anti-depressants are best prescribed by Psychiatrists.  Psychiatrists have more education in pharmaceuticals and brain studies than regular MDs.  A psychiatrist will access the patient, decide


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