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2017-02-20 Endocrinology (including Diabetes) - afraid...:

Jose,    In order for a blood test to be diagnostic for prediabetes (100-125 mg/dL), it would need to be repeated.  our ranges only go up to 99 mg/dL to be in a "normal" range here in the US.    If you

2017-01-31 Nephrology - Is my kidney pain/soreness due to vitamin D?:

Kenny,    Thanks for asking my opinion on Allexperts.    I haven't come across any patients or any relevant literature in peer reviewed journals about Vitamin D causing kidney pain. However, the pain needs

2017-01-09 Nephrology - Trace Protein in Urine:

Scott,    Thanks for asking my opinion on Allexperts.    Trace protein in urine usually is benign and should not be a cause for concern. For peace of mind, however, you may ask your primary care provider

2017-01-08 Endocrinology (including Diabetes) - Monitor blood sugar:

Najmus,    I am not a medical doctor, but I can tell you what I know about various diabetes medications. Metformin (Glucophage, but also included as part of Jentinmet) mainly targets morning fasting blood

2016-12-21 Endocrinology (including Diabetes) - weight gain after 40:

Chris,    There are a number of things that contribute to weight gain as we get older. I don't think it usually results from hormonal imbalances, though. Being sedentary and eating a typical American diet


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