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2017-04-22 Ask the Veterinarian - Car rides/separation anxiety:

There are a lot of things you can do but they all involve behavioral training.     I am not a behaviorist, so I don't know all the tips and tricks, but if you Google "Separation anxiety in dogs" you will

2017-04-21 Ask the Veterinarian - restless dog:

Tanya, I know you want an answer as to what is wrong with your dog. These general symptoms are ones that need to be explored with a hands on examination, preferably one by an integrative veterinarian who

2017-04-21 Dog Grooming - Bruising from grooming:

First of all I just want to tell you how horrific that sounds and how very very sorry I am that you had to put up with that sorry excuse for what happened to your dog. That is absolutely the biggest bunch

2017-04-20 Ask the Veterinarian - Grooming:

I understand your situation completely Amanda however, it is not only dangerous to give your cat something "to make them sleep" at home, but can be deadly as well.    The best thing you can do for your

2017-04-17 Ask the Veterinarian - My cat keeps throwing up:

I am so sorry you r parents have a cat and are unwilling to pay for proper care for it.   I am sure it is very hard for your Dad because of having to help your Mum as well. If the cat is active and eating


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