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2017-03-25 Ask the Veterinarian - re: longest living dog breed:

Here's the info I could find on the longest living dog breeds.    #1 - Chihuaua  #2 - Yorkshire Terrier  #3 Pomeranian. These fluffy little dogs have an average life expectancy of 12-16 years. ...  #4

2017-03-25 Ask the Veterinarian - longest living dog breed:

Bloodhounds live for 10-12 years on average.  There are many smaller breeds, like miniature poodles, that will live into their 20s.

2017-03-21 Dog Training - Teaching dog not to chase cars:

Hi Miriam!     I know it is tempting to use aversive equipment when we are scared for our dog's safety but please consider the physical damage that can happen when we put a choke or prong on our puppy's

2017-03-21 Dog Training - Guarding breed mixes and cats:

Hello!     First, thanks for rescuing! There are so many deserving dogs out there and it sounds like the one you are considering is a sweetie :)    Getting a younger dog does give you a better chance of

2017-03-21 Dogs - What breed is my dog?:

 Hello again,    Thanks for the additional information.  Sometimes, a puppy is just mellow and calm! But it's good to have ruled out a health concern, like parasites.    With a 5 month old puppy that's


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