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2016-09-23 Ask the Veterinarian - Raw food for cats:

I am so glad you want to raise your cats naturally.   People are so amazed at the improvements we can get with feeding fresh food. Makes total sense, of course.   Dry food is a huge no -no for any cat

2016-09-23 Ask the Veterinarian - Ear mites:

There are very few diseases that cats can transmit to people.  Diseases like ringworm, intestinal parasites (like roundworms) and rabies can be transmitted.  Your vet can check for ringworm and parasites

2016-09-21 Ask the Veterinarian - Rednose pitbull:

If she is not eating her own feces, then she is normal. Eating grass is normal in most dogs. The problem is with the digestion in the other dog.  The stool still has nutritive value and smells good.  You

2016-09-20 Ask the Veterinarian - Dog health:

Without knowing what "specks" are, or how big of a piece or pieces the fiberglass was, or even what form it was in, there is nothing I can tell you other than get your dog in to see your vet as soon as

2016-09-18 Dog Training - Dog Barking:

Hi Jess!    It sounds like Echo is doing some attention-seeking barking, or "bossy barking". When he barks at you, you respond (of course, it's loud!) and even if that response is telling him to be quiet


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