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2017-01-06 Questions about Movies - Recommendations:

Difficult without knowing more about her interests, but maybe one of these:    Enchanted April (if she likes Masterpiece Theatre type romantic dramas)  Brooklyn (an irish girl movies to New York in 1952)

2017-01-06 Questions about Movies - Recommendations:

What a lovely and thoughtful question!  "Hidden Figures" would be my top recommendation, a true story of dignity and integrity, hard work, and ability overcoming racism and sexism, beautifully performed

2016-10-17 Questions about Movies - Hitchcock and the Exorcits:

Unfortunately, there is no written record that Hitch ever saw "The Exorcist" or commented on it. However, here is a cool anecdote involving Hitch and "Exorcist" filmmaker William Friedkin:    In fact,


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