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2017-03-06 Drums & Percussion - RE Wrap question:

Steve,    I am not covering drums any longer.    One of the main reasons is that they changed the recovering material and in response to this they also changed the glue.    The new coverings and the glue

2017-02-05 Drums & Percussion - stomping/bass drum question:

Yes, when someone stomps their foot on a hard surface, it puts a lot of strain and pressure on the knee more so than the ankle.  A couple of basic exercises to get started would be to play 4 quarter notes

2017-02-04 Drums & Percussion - stomping/bass drum question:

Hi Hank,  Yes, we do have exercises but they involve using a bass drum pedal. In terms of stomping (like on the old blues records which is very cool) I don't know what to suggest except be careful not

2017-01-15 Drums & Percussion - Floor tom legs, mounting?:

Joel,    Yes 360 degrees divided by 3 is 120 degrees--BUT---nothing is written in concrete.  You can put the leg bracket whever you want as long as you are close to that 120 degrees--  that balances the

2017-01-12 Drums & Percussion - Vintage Ludwig drum kit value:

That kit "should" be worth $1600--$1800---BUT---  The concert toms and super sensitive snare bring that value down.  Very few people wants those drums.    So the prices I have seen lately have been around


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