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2016-08-28 Oceanography - Megalodon:

Hi Tegan,    My expertise is in physical oceanography, not marine biology or paleontology, so I'm sorry I cannot provide an authoritative answer to your question.    Nonetheless, I suggest you Google megalodon

2016-08-09 Environmental Science - Career planning regarding climate change:

Hello Flo    There is nothing as dangerous to our human civilization, at this time than the overheating and destabilization of the Earth's biosphere. Humanity could get over a nuclear war in 50 years or

2016-07-24 Oceanography - Density:

In a gravitational field, yes.     This is sort of technical but density really refers to a concentration of MASS. A golf ball has more mass/volume ( = density ) than a ping-pong ball. We usually refer

2016-07-23 Oceanography - Density:

Basically density means how heavy an object is for a given size. As an example, compare a ping-pong ball (low density --> light) with a golf ball (higher density --> heavier). Since the 2 types of balls

2016-07-06 Oceanography - Cceans Rivers Interface:

Hi Mahmoud,    The reason oceans/seas don't mix with rivers, thus turning them salty (which I believe is what you mean by 'engulf') is because a) rivers are at a higher elevation and b) salty water is


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