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Death and Dying

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2016-12-01 Funerals - Relocating cremains:

Hi Robert,    Lucky for you, cremated remains are 1) considered "personal property" under the law and thus not subject to regulations like dead bodies are and 2) pose no environmental or public health

2016-11-18 Coping with Loss - dream interpretation:

Dear Paras Gupta:         I'm not really sure anyone can answer this for you.  I have read several books by James Van Praag on this subject and he has offered suggestions, such as, trying to spend time

2016-10-27 Funerals - Veteran Dis-internment from Private Cemetery:

Hi Jim,    Welcome to the high cost of dying. :-(    Most of the Military Veterans benefits have been gutted by the Clinton/Bush administrations of the last thirty years. There's hardly anything left anymore

2016-10-11 Life & Health Insurance - life or burial insurance:

I'm sorry, but at age 96 it would be virtually impossible to purchase a life insurance plan that would be anything remotely affordable or reasonable.  At age 96, he has fortunately already outlived the

2016-09-29 Life & Health Insurance - Insurance Exam Question:

Miss Wilson,    In most states the final exam is done online in a test center(i.e. Pearson for example).  It is fully proctored and can't be done at home.  Also the Texas department of insurance website


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