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Death and Dying

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2016-10-11 Life & Health Insurance - life or burial insurance:

I'm sorry, but at age 96 it would be virtually impossible to purchase a life insurance plan that would be anything remotely affordable or reasonable.  At age 96, he has fortunately already outlived the

2016-09-29 Life & Health Insurance - Insurance Exam Question:

Miss Wilson,    In most states the final exam is done online in a test center(i.e. Pearson for example).  It is fully proctored and can't be done at home.  Also the Texas department of insurance website

2016-08-26 Funerals - Disinterring and cremating to move to FL:

Try Crestwood Memorial Chapel. But call at least two others as well. I'm guessing the total cost will run between $5,000 and $7,000. If you are flying to Florida with the cremated remains, make sure they're


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