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Death and Dying

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2017-03-24 Funerals - death certificate:

Good for you for doing your research. First off, talk to your mother's doctor. If he's willing to sign the death certificate, then a coroner would not be needed. Do NOT call 911. It would just give you

2017-03-04 Funerals - Funeral Seating:

Hello Jacki -    I'm sorry your mother has passed on, please accept my condolences.  It sounds like you were not happy with your seating arrangements.  If I were the funeral director I probably would have

2017-02-08 Life & Health Insurance - long term disability:

As a matter of convenience, carriers prefer to use direct deposit (which I think is the reason for the insurer's request for bank information) for payment of group claims such as LTD, pension payouts,

2017-01-30 Funerals - funeral:

Hi Jimmy,    Sorry for the delay in answering - I'm on a cemetery tour and not easily on the internet.     I imagine this question has been answered already, as any crematory or funeral director could


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