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Death and Dying

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2016-08-26 Funerals - Disinterring and cremating to move to FL:

Try Crestwood Memorial Chapel. But call at least two others as well. I'm guessing the total cost will run between $5,000 and $7,000. If you are flying to Florida with the cremated remains, make sure they're

2016-07-17 Funerals - Decomposition Questions:

Hi Allison,    I'm so sorry that your best friend transitioned and that her wishes weren't known in advance (please write yours down and give them to your family!!!!)  :-(    Your friend is going to take

2016-07-17 Life & Health Insurance - Life insurance:

Dear Heather,    I do not know the age your son could receive life insurance proceeds in your state. In California the minimum age is 18. I suggest you contact a lawyer about setting up a trust with a

2016-07-13 Funerals - Second Right internment:

Hi Anna --    Boy, that's some pricey second right!! It's good your BS detector went off!    1) The cemetery - not the State - sets interment rights prices, and they can charge anything they want. 4000

2016-06-28 Funerals - His sister died:

Have him explain the problem to the funeral director and ask for some private time to say his goodbyes to his sister. They won't arrest him as it's a public even if it's announced in the paper, but private


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