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2016-12-20 Economics - Minimum Wage:

If you increase all wages by the same percentage the minimum wage went up, you may befueling inflation with a cost push. Indeed, supply and demand, if left to adjust to the new minimum wage, may end up

2016-12-19 Economics - Minimum Wage:

No, it will certainly raise everybody's who is making minimum wage and will be upped to the new minimum wage.  Not all wages will go up.  However, people may ask for a raise if someone with fewer qualifications

2016-12-19 Economics - Minimum Wage:

Thank you for your query. When minimum wage goes up, everybody making minimum wage sees his/her wages go up, thus, the impact on the cost of services and goods offered by each company, which goes up, and

2016-12-12 Economics - Reasons for Poverty and Eradication:

I thank you for your valuable question by choosing "allexperts" and directing to me to answer.  What all the International organisations say are NOT TRUE and Poverty cannot be eradicated through their

2016-12-10 Economics - Curious:

Found this link easy reading for your first question:  I do not understand your second question, unless you are


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