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2016-10-03 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - satb:

Dear Henrik,    Thanks for your questions.     1. As to the SATB query, you refer I think to a parallel fourth. The issue here is whether it sounds OK. The only reason that we don't write parallel fifths

2016-08-22 Musical Composition, Theory and Songwriting - musical analysis:

Hello Andrew - good to hear from you again.    Your terminology is a little muddled, so let's clear that up.  Harmonic analysis means looking at a sequence of chords and identifying how they relate to

2016-08-21 Classical Music - ID question:

Oh, boy!    I've never heard it before.  It sounds like ballet music.  Russian, maybe.  I have a friend who used to play for ballet rehearsals.  I'll send her the link.  Otherwise, we're dead in the water

2016-08-13 Country Music - Obscure country artist:

Hi Vincent, sorry for the delay.  I believe the Johnny Carter you mentioned would not have been the JC from the Flamingos and Dell's.  Your JC on the record is described as 'Trying to sound like Johnny

2016-08-08 Classical Music - Kindermusik:

HI  Kindermusik is a direct translation of Children's Music.I don't know anything about this. The nearest I can come to a classical version is "The Toy Symphony" by Leopold Mozart.  There is a website


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