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2017-01-12 Email - Email Subject:

Hello Roger!    Thanks for your question and a happy new year!    Have you tried clearing cache in Internet Explorer?    If this still doesn't, then please try newer

2016-12-27 Email - changing the screen color in Google Chrome:

Hello if you mean the SCREEN Background graphics, it's easy to change.    Click on the little dots in the upper right corner of chrome NEXT CLICK ON SETTINGS from the drop-down. From there you will find

2016-12-20 Email - delay in email times:

Hello Jeff!    Thanks for your question, hope you have had a good Christmas!    Yes, it can happen that some email providers let emails coming from AOL servers bounce or just not deliver without bouncing

2016-12-20 Email - email address:

Hello Jeff!    I have no idea what you are talking about but posers are pretty common nowadays, and no, it's not possible that 2 different people have the same email address.    However, keep in mind that

2016-12-12 Microsoft Outlook - Outlook in W10:

Hello -     I know that there have been some negative effects on Outlook with Windows 10.    There is discussion online forums.  The following is one (but it does ads)


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