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2017-02-09 Email - Thunderbird:

Hi Bud,     thanks for your question!    No, no computer store will be able to resolve your software issues.    It's more likely that viruses also affected the email database files of Thunderbird and due

2017-02-06 Microsoft Outlook - Opening backup on another computer:

Kathy, you need to assign this backup PST file as the outlook file.  You can't have two PST files so you would have to change the location of your home PST file to where to this backup file.    I feel

2017-01-19 Email - emailing myself in yahoo mail:

Hello Steve! This is really strange. Only Yahoo support can tell you whats up there. Maybe it's a bug in their system with your account.    On the left click on "contact

2017-01-12 Email - Email Subject:

Hello Roger!    Thanks for your question and a happy new year!    Have you tried clearing cache in Internet Explorer?    If this still doesn't, then please try newer

2016-12-27 Email - changing the screen color in Google Chrome:

Hello if you mean the SCREEN Background graphics, it's easy to change.    Click on the little dots in the upper right corner of chrome NEXT CLICK ON SETTINGS from the drop-down. From there you will find


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