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2016-12-01 Email - Setup windows live mail:

Hello! Thanks for your question!    I am not sure what you trying to do and where, but your error message and similar ususally happen if either password and/or username is wrong or "Login to POP server

2016-11-12 Email - Gmail Mystery:

Hello George    thanks for your question!    Is this new phone an Android phone? If so, then you need to know that Android is the OS of Google. Hence you need a Google Account to use the Android phone

2016-10-25 Email - yahoo mail:

Hello Jim!    Thanks for your question!    Classic POP3 is simply fetching email off the server.    Imap is syncing emails between the server and the client email program    That's the different.    Here

2016-10-23 Microsoft Outlook - Retrieving old email account:

Cathleen, so much has happened with Hotmail since 2008.  I think it is unlikely you will be able to retrieve the email.    I would go to the following and review and do a new search within this site.


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