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2016-11-17 Mass Production Cooking - Roast beef for 1000:

Hi LeAnn!    A beef roast is usually a Top Round cut, from the hind quarter of the animal.  The best cooking method would be roasting in an oven at a low temperature for an extended period of time to a

2016-10-24 Social Etiquette and Good Manners - joining club:

Dear David:  Thank you for your question.    I see no problem or awkwardness in asking your friend to sponsor you for membership in the club. Because yours is a long-standing friendship, there is no hint

2016-10-07 Mass Production Cooking - BBQ Party for 250:

Hi Angie!    If you are making chicken skewers, you've made your job a little easier than serving chicken breasts.  You might even consider buying chicken tenderloins for skewers as they are cheaper and

2016-10-04 Cooking for Parties - Catering for 150:

My apologies for  the delay in getting back to you I have been traveling.   My recipe serves 30 to 35 you will need to make 5-6 batches of it, but it's pretty easy.  10 pounds new potatoes, boiled and

2016-10-02 Cooking for Parties - Chicken salad:

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I've been traveling.  If the chicken salad sandwiches are the only substantial food you're serving at your appetizer buffet you need to prep 2 per person


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