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2017-01-17 Business Communication - Sentence Structure:

Hello Yaakov,    Before working on sentence structure, think about your approach. Who are you trying to reach? To be successful, you have to connect with someone authorized to make a $73-million deal.

2017-01-13 Starting a Small Business - Liability insurance question:

Erick,    I recommend that you get insurance for a number of reasons:    1. Some customers will probably ask you for a certificate of insurance.  If you don't have your own insurance, in each case you

2017-01-05 Copyright & Patents - molds ready:

I would suggest:  1. A confidentiality agreement with the fabricator.  2. Also,ASAP, get your provisional application for patent filed. Nolo Press has self help books on that, or a registered Patent Agent

2017-01-05 Inventing New Products/Inventions - molds ready:

Hey Jerry,    That's wonderful news, congratulations!  I would suggest at least getting a provisional patent and the trademark(s) secured first.  That way; when you speak to the manufacturer, you can inform

2017-01-05 Inventing New Products/Inventions - molds ready:

Jerry,  The first thing you need to do is get a good non-compete agreement. You can get them for free on line but just read the expensive ones in the library or book store to choose the best free one.


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