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2017-03-13 Starting a Small Business - Tax Deductions / Bookkeeping:

Christine:    Question #1: Deductible transportation expenses are not dependent on owning a car. Assuming that your home is your normal place of work for your online store, then traveling from your

2017-03-03 Math and Science Solutions for - Trilateration & Multilateration (I think):

Stephen, this is a great question. I have worked on something similar before. Let me collect my notes and get back to you with some hopefully useful results.    Meanwhile, your problem has a couple of

2017-02-11 Starting a Small Business - Am I on Right track:

From what I can understand from your question which seems to be one long sentence, is that you wish to open a shop but am not sure what to sell.  Going door to door is a long winded way of doing things

2017-02-01 Starting a Small Business - Small Business Checking Account?:

Both banks have their satisfied customers and both have dissatisfied customers. While reviews are important, a business working with one branch or one banker within those large banks may have a very different

2017-01-25 Inventing New Products/Inventions - Touch Screen Landline Phones.:

Prashant,    You obviously have access to the internet, so I have to assume you also have access to Google.  Please google "touchscreen landline telephone and see what comes up.


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