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2016-11-28 Starting a Small Business - Business Advice?:

First of all you need experience in two areas:    1) What it means to be a chef and run your own kitchen - far more than you can be taught in a college environment.  2) You need experience in managing

2016-11-21 Starting a Small Business - Business plan question:

Good question.  First of all mark your business plan confidential on the cover and in your footer.  This emphasizes the point although I can see your concern.    With respect to business models there are

2016-09-19 Starting a Small Business - taking dealership in automobile spare parts reg:

Well you seem to have started well in that you have companies that want your future services.  Check that there are enough of them and what they want you to supply them with.  Once you think that you have

2016-09-18 Starting a Small Business - LLC or Tradename for Bank Account:

Legally, you will be entitled to do anything under the trade name that you can do under the LLC, including opening a bank account.    However, I recommend that you use the legal name, perhaps in addition


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