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English as 2nd Language

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2017-04-24 English as a Second Language - hi:

Revenge is a terrific motivating force for young creative people and it certainly kept me going right through to the publication of my first novel.     I only published my first novel out of revenge, which

2017-04-22 English as a Second Language - The 'death' of allexperts:

Hi Roland,     are you sure they're closing it down?     I still get questions on a regular basis... but I did notice that there were some technical issues with the site last week or so. I thought it was

2017-04-18 English as a Second Language - consistency of tense in answers:

Hi Anabell,     yes, the use of two tenses in the same sentence is OK in the example above.     Generally speaking though mixing tenses depends on the circumstances. You can find a few tips below:    

2017-04-11 English as a Second Language - meaning:

Hi Hamed,     a bit more context for the sentence above would have helped...    If I were to guess I'd say that Abbassi is a company, and then "franchise dominated world" means that a lot of the companies

2017-04-11 English as a Second Language - Will be:

that is correct but incomplete - using "do/does" is not the only way to talk about habitual actions    Here is more on how to describe habitual actions:


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