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Music: Last Name or Band Name A-C

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2017-02-07 Beatles, The - Beatles & Stones:

Depends on what you mean by "played together."    There was a concert at Royal Albert Hall on that date called the Great Pop Prom, and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were two of the eleven acts on

2017-01-14 Cure, The (Robert Smith) - simon's bass : hollowbody:

Hello, (and happy new year)    It depends what era you are talking about, because he used many different models.   Well anyway as for hollowbodies, here is a list of what he used :     - 1987 : Black Epiphone

2016-12-09 Cure, The (Robert Smith) - Song:

Yeah, looks simple, but the drums are just not what they should and what Williams played, the sax is an awful keyboard, making you feel like you are in a lift in Trump Tower.   Sometimes, some cover bands

2016-12-09 Cure, The (Robert Smith) - Song:

Hi Chris,     Are you a musician yourself ?   I ask because if you are, you would have considered the technical difficulties of this song.   I guess there is really little chance to hear this song live


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