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2016-12-02 Weightlifting & Exercise - Nausea:

Hi James,    I would guess that your doctor has way more information on the subject here than I do, and I am not a physician, so I would have to side with him/her at this point. If you are riding your

2016-11-11 Weightlifting & Exercise - Stuck:

Andrea,  I have my clients take a different approach to food.  Instead of counting calories I recommend you look into the quality of the food you are eating. By that I mean shift to a steady food intake

2016-10-28 Weightlifting & Exercise - Liver:

Hi James,    I stand by my answer you asked is it "common for even professional runners to feel pain or pressure from the area of their liver after running. Does that sound accurate?     The answer is

2016-10-27 Weightlifting & Exercise - Liver:

Actually yes, it is very possible, it is also possible that this pain comes from something other than the liver, Here is an article that may help    Hope

2016-10-21 Weightlifting & Exercise - Abs catching on ribs?:

Sarah,   Try the stretching for sure but I would also add rest days. Maybe abs every other day. The location doesn't indicate that lat work would cause it. If it persists I would see a doc.  Just don't


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