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2016-10-21 Weightlifting & Exercise - Abs catching on ribs?:

Sarah,   Try the stretching for sure but I would also add rest days. Maybe abs every other day. The location doesn't indicate that lat work would cause it. If it persists I would see a doc.  Just don't

2016-10-20 Weightlifting & Exercise - Abs catching on ribs?:

Hi Sarah,  Thanks for patiently waiting for my response.  Before I can speak with any intelligence I need to understand the kinds of exercises you did for your core. Im thinking specifically of the obliques

2016-10-12 Weightlifting & Exercise - Gears:

Hi James,    I am sure there is, but I have never really got that "technical". Basically the bigger gears on the front combining with the smaller gears on the back increase resistance and cause the bike

2016-10-04 Fitness Equipment / Exercise Machine - lifecyle 9500:  Above is a list of equipment that matches the model name you provided.    What you're describing could be a loose or worn out crank

2016-09-27 Stretching & Flexibility - Calf cramps.:

Hi Justin,    Thanks for your inquiry.    There are a number of factors that contribute to muscle cramps and spasms, the main ones being:    * Poor flexibility and tight muscles;  * Muscle fatigue and


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