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2016-09-27 Stretching & Flexibility - Calf cramps.:

Hi Justin,    Thanks for your inquiry.    There are a number of factors that contribute to muscle cramps and spasms, the main ones being:    * Poor flexibility and tight muscles;  * Muscle fatigue and

2016-09-08 Fitness Equipment / Exercise Machine - HealthRider S150:

Some treadmills are designed to cycle through an incline calibration on power-up. If it is doing this it will incline all the way up, then all the way back down. Other treadmills require that they are

2016-09-04 Weightlifting & Exercise - mini trampoline:

Hey Barry,  Welcome back. So the trampoline is a great alternative to running and a wise choice for saving your knees. But you sacrifice calorie expenditure for staying pain free, at least in comparing

2016-09-04 Aerobics - mini trampoline:

Hi Barry,    You're not doing anything wrong necessarily. If it doesn't feel like much of a workout for you, it means you have to more work more intensely, exerting more energy.  On a mini-trampoline,

2016-09-04 Aerobics - mini trampoline:

Hi Sue,  Yes there are workouts you can do with the mini trampoline.  Did yours come with a video or any workouts with it?  If you are not getting your heart rate up then you need to change your workout


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