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2017-03-18 Weightlifting & Exercise - Ask Expert Greg:

Eliam,    So as far as getting good results from two days of training I suppose it spends on what you consider "good." It's better than nothing yes but not going to do much to help you attain your goal

2017-03-18 Weightlifting & Exercise - Heart Rate:

Hi James,    I have one that came with my bike computer, it is a Pulsar, works good and the batteries last a long time, problem is it only works when you have or are near the bike computer. It was made

2017-03-16 Weightlifting & Exercise - Protein:

When my wife and I were competing in the Body for Life contest back in the 90's we would not eat anything until after we did our morning workout. We would ride our bikes to the Gym, then we would do a

2017-03-15 Weightlifting & Exercise - Protein:

Hi James    It would depend on which Protein powder you use. It almost always says right on the can how much protein is contained in certain amount of the powder. You simply take the amount of powder that

2017-03-14 Weightlifting & Exercise - Protein:

Hi James,    40g of protein is 40g of Protein whether it comes from a chicken breast or whey, the main difference is that it is more convenient to get a lot of protein from a shake as opposed to eating


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