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2017-02-26 Weightlifting & Exercise - Both sides.:

Hi James,    No I am saying there are numerous single machines that do it, there is no need to buy 3 machines when 1 will do everything you need.      Sorry I did not make that clear.     There of course

2017-02-25 Weightlifting & Exercise - Both sides.:

Hi James,    There are numerous machines on the market and quite a few that have fallen off the radar that have taken on a similar challenge. The Bowflex comes to mind first, Weider had a machine very

2017-02-25 Weightlifting & Exercise - Both sides.:

Hi James,    You will indeed get an equal amount of weight for each side as the weights are counterbalanced and the actual amount of weight would stay the same. It is the same as using a leg press machine

2017-02-18 Nutrition & Dieting - Omega-3:

Omega's may increase the effect of the warfarin or Coumadin, this inturn may cause you to bleed much more if cut. Because of your medicine it may also cause a drop in blood pressure or if you have diabieties

2017-02-17 Nutrition & Dieting - Sea salt:

Salt is one of the most dangerous substances you can put in your body unless you live in an environment where you consistently sweet all day long. The RDA says no more then 2000 mg of salt per day and


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