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2017-01-15 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat urinating on furniture:

HiJared,  I know how extremely frustrating this can be, having been through it myself.   However, since you mentioned that she has a clean bill of health, which is great, then we can conclude that this

2017-01-12 Rabbits - Broken pelvic bone:

Dear Honey    It's good that he's eating.  That means the pain is not so much that he can't manage it.  But I would recommend you get a second opinion and at least get something like Tramadol for pain

2017-01-11 Rabbits - Broken pelvic bone:

Usually pelvic fractures need time to heal and sometimes intervention such as pinning if there is an actual break,which to me looks like there is, but I cannot give a 100 % veterinary opinion as I am not

2017-01-09 Ask the Veterinarian - Blastocyosis:

While garlic is a good health booster and you certainly could use it, the best way to help your Pyrenees is to begin to work with a homeopathic or TCVM (traditional chinese veterinary medicine) vet right

2017-01-09 Mice - Young mouse odd behavior:

This is normal exploring behaviour. Don't forget he is very scared and will be taking his explorations very cautiously. Mice do jump and popcorn too when happy or scared. Jumping is a naturally way of


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