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2016-12-02 Pot Bellied Pigs - spaying my mini pig:

Spaying is best As she gets older, she'll go into heat. Pigs in heat can be aggressive and forget their potty training. They may pick another animal or person to be their "mate". They are escape artists

2016-12-02 Turtles - Razorback Musk Turtle Neurological Problom:

You had this as private. I don't do private questions. I changed it to public.     His hind end floating upward is not a balance issue. It's a buoyancy issue. There's a huge difference in those two things

2016-12-02 Turtles - Razorback Musk Turtle Neurological Problom:

I need to clarify, he was a year and a half old and you bought him a couple of months ago?     Who did you buy him from and did the previous owner mention this issue?     Baytril for 21 days is too much

2016-12-01 Mice - Mouse Died, wondering why?:

Hi Nicky,    First of all, I am so sorry about your loss.  It's hard for us, but it's even harder when kiddos are involved.    When you say they are hoppers, how old do you mean that they are?  Mice that

2016-11-30 Turtles - Found I'll/injured box turtle:

This is going to take much more than can easily be covered here. I'm going to need various photos, weights, etc. and to see exactly what you're tube feeding and how much. You're going to have to come to


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