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2017-02-22 Pot Bellied Pigs - How many ounces of formula:

It can be hard to coax baby pigs into eating regular food. They are kinda hard wired to nurse exclusively until they are about 4 or 5 weeks old. At that point, they will begin to experiment with food,

2017-02-20 Turtles - Hyperactive:

Hi Sanika,    I need more information on your turtle and how you're keeping him:    1). How old/big is your turtle?  2). How big is the tank and what kind of filter are you using?  3). What kind of basking

2017-02-20 Pet Rats - Rat bloody nose:

Hi Shawnna, first I want to say that the red  you're seeing around your boys' noses isn't blood.  It's a secreted substance called porphyrin.       Some rats show porphyrin around their nose and eyes throughout

2017-02-19 Ask the Veterinarian - Dog shaking his head:

Having slightly itchy ears is one of the early warning signs that his energy balance (vital force, Chi, Pranna) is out of balance (see end of response). If it is suppressed with drugs or incorrect treatment

2017-02-18 Rabbits - Agression in Californian doe:

Sydney,    Glad to hear you're getting things back to normal with Belle and Lucifer. I'd recommend maybe reaching out to local rescues and shelters to see who they use for spays and neuters, and also inquire


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