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2017-02-11 Hairstyling - Can i permanently curl my hair right after rebonding? I want my hair to look pretty when i curl it. Is it okay? Or it will just damagrd my hair?:

Sim,    I must say that I am always confused when someone wants to perm there hair after just having it permanently straightened. That said, as long as your hair is not damaged, it can be permed for whatever

2017-02-01 Hairstyling - Color/bleach on level 5:

Jeanne,     The first thing your client will have to understand is that unfortunately, we cannot fully reproduce the look of natural grey salt and pepper hair. Judge Gorsuch is heavily grey. I will assume

2017-01-27 Makeup & Skincare - Other uses for setting or finishing powder?:

Hey Alexandra-    Thanks for your question. It really depends on the powder types. Oily skin or dry skin, I always use setting powder on clients and myself. This helps keep the concealer, foundation (cream

2017-01-23 Hairstyling - Hair cuticle blown open:

In truth, most professional product lines are decent.  For the protein reconstructor you want a liquid that you can dry into the hair. Then just rinse lightly and towel dry before applying moisturizing

2017-01-22 Hair Color - Salon hair color question:

DO NOT USE permanent color. It must by Demi-Permsnent, it would lo adhere better to the hair and last longer. This is not about using a car, it is about using the rest that product.  A level 5 is fine


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