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First Aid/Emergency Medicine

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2017-01-15 First Aid - Albuterol Overdose:

Hello May,    Albuterol is fairly safe, caffeine is in the same drug class as albuterol the methyl xanthines. My first question is, why did you take so much at once? If you were having such a difficult

2016-12-16 First Aid - Two painful small bumps on my tongue:

Hello Lilly,    What you have is likely an opportunistic infection (similar to a "cold sore"). The infection is possibly in your body every day but your immune system is strong enough to keep you from

2016-12-14 First Aid - Help needed:

Hello Damian,    Sorry to hear about your family's illness. It sounds a lot like a form of the rotovirus (see a reputable site for more on this.. either he CDC or your ministry of health). It's important

2016-12-12 First Aid - Car Crash (Fictional):

Hello again,    a.  she would have increasing difficulty in taking a breath (because the space between the chest wall and the lung would be filled with more and more air). Chest decompression in the field

2016-12-10 First Aid - Car Crash (Fictional):

Hello again Maya,      Sorry for the delay in answering you. OK, Mia may be unconscious (though that probably doesn't help your story much). It is also possible she is in a lot of pain, disoriented, only


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