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First Aid/Emergency Medicine

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2016-11-27 First Aid - healing is too slow:

Hello Chris,      Sorry to hear that you cut your finger. Yes, as we get older the skin and circulation changes quite a bit. Because you said you weren't sure when the cut actually happened I wonder if

2016-11-18 Careers: EMT/Emergency Medical Technicians - Accident:

Hello Hima,    Pulse oximetry(SPO2) is not necessarily accurate especially in shock conditions (periods of reduced blood flow). I wouldn't use SPO2 as an indicator of trauma. You may want to look at deceleration

2016-11-15 First Aid - Deep bruise:

Hello John,    Ice is good immediately after the injury, it constricts the blood vessels and reduces the blood leakage into the tissue (which you see as a bruise). after 24 hours use heat to dilate the

2016-11-05 First Aid - Glass in foot:

Hello James,      Sorry to hear about your foot. The skin cells on the bottom of the foot are slightly different from skin cells else-ware on the body. On the pads of the foot (and on the palms of the

2016-09-30 First Aid - I cut my finger:

Hello Lorraine,      From looking at the picture you included it looks like the wound is relatively shallow, not deep enough to worry at all about nerve damage. it should heal well in a week or so. Remember


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