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Freshwater Fishing

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2016-09-20 Fishing - H-I reel:

Joyce,    I am going to recommend this website dedicated to fishing reel collectors, ORCA - Old Reel Collectors Assocation:    You will need to register before posting

2016-07-12 Fishing - Line tangles on spinning reel:

Hello there Luke! Sorry it took me awhile to answer you back. Normally I answer quickly. Crazy hours at the job.   Funny you mention this problem. I got my son a Shakespeare rod and reel combo from Cabelas

2016-07-11 Fishing - Mystery Pond Fish:

Tate,  I thought I had answered your question but apparently it did not get sent.  My guess is  that your mystery fish may be a large pickerel.  There in Florida lakes and ponds they grow  big and fight

2016-07-01 Fishing - vintage custom Phillpson bait casting rod:

Charlee    I would expect this to sell in the $200-300 range. You can sell it on ebay and should get a premium based on the condition described. Sell it under Sporting goods>outdoor sports>fishing>vintage>rods


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