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2016-11-28 Plant Diseases - Cocoplum leaves:

Dear Ann, Help is on the way!  When you have something eating your bushes, but you can't find the bug doing the damage, the best option is to spray with a product containing the active ingredient Spinosad

2016-11-14 Trees - Liquidambar tree roots:

This is one of the invasive type trees with roots that will cause problems with sidewalks, driveways, sewer pipes and other water pipes. It is not a good tree for a yard. I seldom recommend removing a

2016-11-14 Plant Diseases - Lotus plant's disease:

Dear Kanwaljeet, Greetings.  I have family in northern India, also named Singh.  I am not sure if you planted your seeds first in only soil or if you had them in soil covered by water.  What I have learned

2016-11-12 Plant Diseases - Leaves falling:

Here is a good artilce on why the trees lose their leaves    The other thing that happens is the internal system of the tree that moves the

2016-11-07 Trees - neighbor's tree:

Over time the oak roots will grow under the driveway and lift the cement. If trees are too close to pavement, or if compacted soil forces large roots to grow very near the soil surface, roots can eventually


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