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2017-01-16 Trees - Cedar tree:

Generally when you transplant a tree the soil around the rootball is also dug up. Then a hole is dug twice the size of the rootball and filled with potting soil. The tree should be water if it does not

2017-01-12 Plant Diseases - lemon tree:

Hi Cheryl,  Sounds like you bought a house that had lemon trees on it.  You can not make it sweeter, but it is possible that it is rough lemon which was a root stock for lemon trees.  It is grafted onto

2017-01-10 Trees - Colorado Blue Spruce:

Here is a simple way to estimate the age. Measure up the trunk 54 inches, Ar that point on the trunk measure around the trunk and divide this circumference (in inches) by 3.14 Then mulitply this number

2017-01-09 Trees - How can roots develop from burl:

I would suggest that you place the burl in a small pot filled with potting soil. The soil must be kept damp or wet. Use a potting soil with nutrients added. I would plant it with the top of the burl level

2016-12-30 Trees - Tree fungus:

Thanks for the picture. It looks like bark lice.  Bark Lice are more properly called Psocids (pronounced "SOSS-sids"). They are also called tree cattle because of their habit of living as a group on the


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