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2017-01-15 Clocks, Watches - New England Clock..pendulum-wall:

Sanford, I just received a notice that I had not answered your (2nd) question.  I had missed it on the Allexperts forum as we had gotten together through emails.  So, I think everything has been resolved

2017-01-14 Clocks, Watches - Movement for my old clock:

Russell, Jauch has been out of business for quite a few years.  There is a replacement movement by Hermle which requires a conversion kit. I would need to know what case model it is.  If you don't know

2017-01-14 Clocks, Watches - New England clock...:

Sanford, I do not quite understand what you mean by the works (movement) needs to be turned.  Are you saying that it is out of beat when thre clock is hung level?  In beat means that you hear a "tick.

2017-01-11 Clocks, Watches - runs to fast.:

Dick, I am not sure about the beat adjustment on your particular movement, but a lot of these have what is called a slip verge.  It could be that the verge was inadvertenly slipped when winding or bumping

2017-01-10 Clocks, Watches - Emperor clock movement 301M:

Phil, you did not say how long it has been in the box.  If it has been in for a few years, there could be some problems.  Did you service the movement before you installed it? That would include removing


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