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2016-12-06 Living on a Budget, Saving - Building Credit:

Here is how your score is determined-  Payment history (35%)  Amounts owed (30%)  Length of credit history (15%)  Credit mix in use (10%)  New credit (10%)  More info here

2016-12-04 Clocks, Watches - MORBIER CLOCK STRIKING PROBLEM:

Devaraj, there were different builders of the Morbier clocks.  Therefor I cannot tell with any accuracy what the weight should be.  Has it been running and striking for a while and just started the erratic

2016-12-01 Clocks, Watches - Suspension spring:

Gina, a little History on your clock.  Diplomat Clock Company was one of the clock companies that spun off from from Emperor Clock Company in Baldwin County, Alabama. All have gone out of business with

2016-11-29 Living on a Budget, Saving - Play it safe?:

Dear Bill,    It sounds like you are wise in your money management.  It sounds like your thirteen year old car has served you well, but has reached the "nickel and dime" stage, which as we all know, will

2016-11-27 Clocks, Watches - HM mantel clock won't chime:

gear off the back plate with set screws in it drives the chime train and the drum that turns to lift the hammers . not sure how you get 3 stuck up though? loosten the set screws and you can reprogram the


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