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2017-03-28 Clocks, Watches - Grandmother clocks:

originally a Hermle German movement 451-050H 94cm      you must either build the wood from scratch around

2017-03-14 Clocks, Watches - Diplomat Clock Triple Chime Key Size:

Dee, you can Gooogle clock supply companies, such as Timesavers, Merritts, Mile High and Black Forest Imports to name a few.  Most of these companies have On-line catalogs. For instance, you can go to

2017-03-11 Clocks, Watches - Diplomat Clock Triple Chime Key Size:

Dee, thanks for sending me the photos.  However I cannot quite tell the size/type of the key.  Does the key have an markings on it?  That might help.  The model number of the clock does not help me identify

2017-03-06 Clocks, Watches - Re :Question of Model 3081:

Leonard, the question to me was concerning a GF clock made by Hentschel.  I did obtain any information about it.  I will try to contact the person with the question and see if they still need information

2017-02-25 Clocks, Watches - Pallesgaard Grandmother clock:

Neilsen, if you have tried the things I suggested and looked at the steps of the instructions I copied you on, I would say that it is time to go to Level 3 and have an experienced clockmaker look at it


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