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2016-10-18 Clocks, Watches - 455-6860 Pearl Grandfather Clock:

Christy, I apologize for the delay in my answer.  Actualy I did answer it and there must have been a giltch in the Allexperts Website.  Around the same time I received another question from someone multiple

2016-10-16 Clocks, Watches - King Arthur grandfather clock question:

Darcy, the movement you have in your King Arthur clock was manufactured by Hermle and probably has the King Arthur name in the information on the back plate of the movement.  One weight weighs around 6

2016-10-16 Clocks, Watches - Mantel Clock:

Alan, the movement you have was manufactured by Hermle and put in the Hamilton clocks.  Many of the Hamilton clocks were used as company award gifts. The 340-020 uses a floating balance or balance wheel

2016-10-15 Clocks, Watches - What kind of clock. All I know is it was built around 1945:

Mason & Sullivan supplied assembled and finished clocks, pre-cut kits, plans, movements, faces, planed wood, mouldings and glasses.     Some very good clocks were made from their kits but quality depended

2016-10-13 Living on a Budget, Saving - dental:

Go on the web and find the care credit card. Not sure if its a visa or mastercard but its one of them. Some dental providers will even give you 1 year interest deferred financing when u use care credit


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