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2014-08-15 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Gay hookups:

Hi Noah,    Have you heard of the sexuality spectrum? Most if not all of us are fluid in that regard; we could like a gender emotionally and another sexually. We can basically like either gender with or

2014-08-11 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Help with my sexuality and advice on addiction:

Hi Mathias-Tobias, it's nice to hear from you.    While reading your question it sounded very similar to an experience I have gone through with porn as well.    I have good news and bad news for you. The

2014-06-17 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Does she hate me or is she shy?:

Hello    I think you could be right, she might have a crush on you. Do you think you can talk to her about it? Maybe at her house when its just the two if you. Ask her why she acts so different at school


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