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2016-07-07 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - heartbroken:

Hi Thomas,    I'm really sorry about what happened. From what you said, I also thought that he was more reasonable than the last. There are a few stages to healing, from knowledge of personal and others'

2016-06-11 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Confusion about guy:

It's hard to really know for sure, but I doubt that he would stop contacting you...given he was so enthusiastic about you being his friend. Unless he doesn't contact you because he's worried for the same

2016-06-09 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Confusion:

Hi Thomas, it's nice to hear from you.    I'd like to start by apologizing for the delay in my response, I'm very sorry for it.    I'm not completely sure why your crush would ask you that question. Maybe

2016-06-07 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Confusion about guy:

Hi Thomas,    Sorry for taking a bit of time; it's been hectic for me. Thanks, but I'm not an expert by far. Perhaps just someone who's assessing from outside with less bias. That kind of someone is helpful

2016-06-06 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - I cant tell if she has interest in me:

Since she already tried to ask if you were busy after work that day, she's done the hard part. I would ask her sometime soon if she wants to get a drink or hang out after work. I would also casually joke


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