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2014-10-10 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Why are guys attracted towards me?:

Hi Talha, it's nice to hear from you.    A lot of people usually experience the opposite problem that you’re experiencing. Usually, they're concerned that their friends wouldn't be supportive if they came

2014-08-15 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Gay hookups:

Hi Noah,    Have you heard of the sexuality spectrum? Most if not all of us are fluid in that regard; we could like a gender emotionally and another sexually. We can basically like either gender with or

2014-08-11 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - Help with my sexuality and advice on addiction:

Hi Mathias-Tobias, it's nice to hear from you.    While reading your question it sounded very similar to an experience I have gone through with porn as well.    I have good news and bad news for you. The


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