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Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens

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2015-02-23 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - help me in my school:

Hi Sam, thanks for responding to the question that I asked.    First of all, to answer your last question. No; you shouldn't feel forced to accept anything that you don't want. In fact, it's good that

2015-02-23 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - help me in my school:

Hey There Sam, it's nice to hear from you.    Do you mind if I ask you for a bit more detail before I write a more specific response?    I'd like you to tell me more about what specifically you are confused

2015-01-30 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - transgender:

Hi Mason,    I have done a little search around and found a website you may be interested in.  Here is one about the average cost in different states.   If you go to the "Doctors" tab to the left

2015-01-21 Gay/Lesbian/Bi Teens - I don't know what to do anymore.. Hurt:

Hi Jailyn,  I'm so sorry to hear about what you are going through. I've been through it myself. Spent days, weeks, years in love with someone who was not in love with me and it was the most painful thing


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