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2017-01-16 Geography - Longest river as the crow flies:

Hi, use My-Google-Maps or others to mark the source of the river and the delta of the river to calculate the distance between them using the direction tool.    Eg Nile:  Ruvyironza (Burundi) to Rasheed

2017-01-02 Geography - Sunrise/Sunset discrepancies:

Hi,  very strange but true! Your data is correct.    Fort Lauderdale is far south and has a higher sun at midday and therefore a longer daylight time than cities further up the coast. Therefore the better

2016-12-07 Geography - HW help:

Hi Nita,    This is a very interesting question.  Unlike Islam which tends towards a more aggessive conversion, Buddhism is quite the opposite.  It spread from India over the mountains and into China's

2016-11-27 Geography - Lumbering in Canada:

Hi Debjyoti,    Canada has many natural resources.  Among them large and expansive forests.  For Canada, trees are a renewable resource thus the lumber industry is a sustainable business.  It employees

2016-11-25 Geography - US mesas and buttes:

Hi, mesas and buttes are found mainly in arid regions where sudden rain on naked rock erodes the top layers of rock furst forming canyons but eventually leaving these hills. In the USA east there is much


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