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2017-03-22 Flags - 48' Star American Flag:

Hi.    That's roughly the correct period.  Sterling is a brand name of the Annin Company.  You start to see the Sterling name in the 19-teens.   Wool American flags effectively disappear around the end

2017-01-16 Geography - Longest river as the crow flies:

Hi, use My-Google-Maps or others to mark the source of the river and the delta of the river to calculate the distance between them using the direction tool.    Eg Nile:  Ruvyironza (Burundi) to Rasheed

2017-01-02 Geography - Sunrise/Sunset discrepancies:

Hi,  very strange but true! Your data is correct.    Fort Lauderdale is far south and has a higher sun at midday and therefore a longer daylight time than cities further up the coast. Therefore the better

2016-04-09 Flags - Cleaning:

I missed your follow-up somehow many moons ago.    No, do not wash it.  You may send it to a textile conservator, but you might find the cost to be prohibitive in relation to the value of the flag.  You


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