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2016-10-23 Geology - Black petrified vertebrate:

There is usually a pretty good market for fossils. This fossil is probably Pleistocene in age, that means it could be up to 2.58 million years old to 11,700 years.    At the time of peak ice, the continental

2016-10-23 Geology - The Rock:

The rock is a Sandstone, micaceous    This sandstone is often brown in color, the color is caused by the staining of iron oxides similar to that in yellow sandstone and in the red sandstone; depending

2016-10-20 Geology - geology:

Dear Haider,    Thanks for sending me your question.    First of all, I would encourage you for research in Hangu Formation as this section has been proven reservoir in one of a well in Pariwali oilfield

2016-10-18 Geology - metalic- and non-metalic mineral:

Hi Waqar,    In mineralogy one distinguishes between metallic and non-metallic minerals based on the luster of a mineral. Luster is the observed property of light reflectance of the surface of a mineral

2016-10-17 Geology - another Teton rock!:

Hi Eleanor,    Yes, you are absolutely right! You are looking at a granitic rock. The pinkish material with the stair step like breakage (cleavage) is Orthoclase Feldspar (KAlSi3O8). The silvery material


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