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2017-03-14 Geology - grade of metallic & non Metallic ore:

Read details in mineralogy -book  An ore is a type of rock that contains sufficient minerals with important elements including ... The grade or concentration of an ore

2017-03-13 Geology - Field geology:

A topo map and topo sheet are the same.    Any maps that have topographic lines that show lines of constant elevation are topo maps.    To find your self on a map you need a compass.    First you orient

2017-03-11 Geology - Geological career guid:

Dear Waqar,    There is no right and wrong answer and you can tell in several different ways; tell them that Pakistan geology consists on two major tectonic events firstly, Jurassic Cretaceous Rift and

2017-03-10 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - Stamp Markings:

Dear Robin,     I see the 18k clearly but the other characters do not help me identify any other characteristics of the pin.  Am I correct in that this is a cat pin and the pin stem folds from the lower

2017-03-05 Geology - Ore Reserve Estimation:

I am not personally familiar with the deposit but below is what I found out about it from a United States Geologic Survey (USGS) article published in 2009 (some years ago).     The $100 billion Reko Diq


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