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2016-09-27 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - jewery meaning of the stamp:

Denise, the mark is not cler as to meaning.  I suspect the items are plated but could be wrong. The markings are not commonly seen for gold plated.   I recommend to know for certain, go to a jeweler to

2016-09-27 Geology - i need help sirrr:

I am not exactly sure what the question is but I will tell you that geology has been very rewarding for me and has allowed me to see and do things that I certainly would never have had the opportunity

2016-09-22 Geology - Hydrogeology:

Hello Wasim    There are many resources out now - especially thanks to the internet. Here is one from the USGS you can download for free. Don't worry too much if they are older publications, a lot has

2016-09-09 Geology - Application of seismic stratigraphy in oil industry:

Thanks for sending me your question.    Seismic stratigraphy basically provides help to understand lithofacies and depositional setting of the reservoir, source and seal rock which in turn assist oil exploration

2016-09-08 Geology - Mineral:

Dear Erika,  the picture is not clear. The specimen may be Garnetiferous quartzo feldspathic Gneiss. The purple color mineral must be Garnet.,  Mica flakes are visible. Remaining portions of the specimen


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