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2017-02-19 Geology - Sulfur purity:

Sulfur is one of the native element minerals. Native element minerals are those elements that occur in nature in uncombined form with a distinct mineral structure.     Pure Sulfur is bright yellow. The

2017-02-19 Geology - Oil prices:

   1) The dollar is the standard for purchasing oil on the world market. So with a strong dollar, some currencies when converted purchase less oil, making it more expensive depending on the exchange rate

2017-02-16 Geology - Ore Reserve Estimation:

Your questions are maybe not perfect English (which I'm sure is your concern) but quite understandable; you're doing just fine.    To begin, we as geologists want things to be very precise i.e. black &

2017-02-15 Geology - research paper:

From what I gleaned from your comments you like sedimentology and stratigraphy which pairs with petroleum geology. This is a very good field and probably the best field of geology, (pay and stability)

2017-02-11 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - Quartz crystal and sphatik:

Mineralogically speaking, Quartz and Spatik (Short for Spartikam) are the same thing, silicon oxide or SiO2. Spartikam is the name for Quartz in prominent Indian languages and is a sacred stone in the


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