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2016-11-28 Geology - Is this obsidian? Volcanic rock?:

Hi Christopher,  VERY interesting specimen!  It does look very "obsidian-like" but the location speaks strongly against that.  It would be very unlikely to find obsidian in Michigan.  There are volcanic

2016-11-22 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - CZ/Gold:

Dear Alexa, the alcohol will not affect the gold or the CZ stones. Denatured alcohol is possibly a stronger sterilizer agent.(Alcohol without the water content of isopropyl: Used to dilute some wood finishes

2016-11-13 Geology - Well log interpretation:

 Yes, the gamma and SP logs can be used to mark lithology.    The gamma ray passively senses radioactivity and a high response is indicative of shale rock.    A low GR response is indicative of Sandstone

2016-11-08 Geology - geology:

Recharge protection is one method that is practiced in the US in critical recharge areas. You have to apply for a permit which requires an investigation to assess the impact on recharge of the aquifer

2016-11-08 Geology - geology:

 Sounds like you are making it hard on yourself, doing hydrology in a drought prone area.    Using RS and GIS you could look at the precipitation that falls during the annual cycle, and the resulting


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